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  1. Grats on 31st BD!

    I'm a few months late but thanks for the birthday wishes! I hope all is well!
  2. Ready to Play

    intel i5-6400 ddr4 8g nvidia geforce gtx970 4gb
  3. Ready to Play

    So I got my new computer with the Oculus Rift. Its all setup and I bought, downloaded and installed Star Citizen. The game is running very well, I went into the hangar, got into my spaceship and that is as far as I got. I couldn't figure out how to fly it or anything. So much to learn! Here are pics of my computer setup and my Rift, the forums wouldn't let me upload or share images so here are some clicky links to my Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzPPBbkESzxubFhiRGZEQlNrWHhiTGpBdmdfaVh1NFJkOHFN https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzPPBbkESzxucTRqRUdsYk5BZDJsbF91cDZ5eS1CRWtQZ0c4 I also do a lot of streaming of other games, so I'll be doing some of Star Citizen when I have the chance. http://www.twitch.tv/stahoepoch
  4. New Computer

    Glad I logged on and was browsing around the forums, this is exactly what I need to do so I can play this game. I downloaded it, created an account and started playing but my computer is so bad that it wouldn't play the game, I've been saving up money for the past 3 months to get a new rig. My budget is under $1,000 US dollars. If anyone has any recommendations or advice, I'll take anything I can get. I've asked my two friends and they gave me some links but I'm still searching for the best deal. I'm not good with building computers but I'm sure I could if I tried to learn how. I've been soaked up in Wildstar still, the game is gaining lots of momentum, being released on Steam and a new zone and a new raid is being released soon, I'm really excited!
  5. We don't eat babies......

    That's something I would actually try if I could find some of it here on the US.
  6. Wildstar

    I've been playing Wildstar for about a year and a half now, its unlike any MMO I've ever played. The end game raiding is about the hardest gaming experience that I've encountered. Here's a link to the website, it is free to play but you can subscribe for perks. I do plan on joining everyone in the new game Star Citizen that Shawkorr told me about http://www.wildstar-online.com/
  7. Minecraft - Realms - SoW

    As soon as I get the chance, I'll hop on and check it out!
  8. Heya there Sanct!

    Nice to hear from you Zhiv! Good to know you are doing well and I'm even more shocked to hear you are near Pittsburgh. I'm not too far away from there here in Johnstown. I'm keeping busy with SWTOR and work haha
  9. SW:TOR Early Access

    The storyline for the smuggler is amazing, I cant speak for the other classes, but I'm having an excellent experience
  10. SW:TOR Early Access

    Crap, I made my character on Drashdae Cantina PvE east, too bad I can't switch over to a new server with my character yet...
  11. Beta invite

    anyone else get to start playing early? I'm about 6 hours into playing, so far so good!
  12. Beta invite

    Just got my beta invite today, waiting for more information!
  13. Who else pre ordered SWOR

    I've also pre ordered swtor
  14. SWTOR Guilds

    So over on the Star Wars Old Republic website they are now starting pre-launch guild registrations. Any thoughts on this? http://www.swtor.com/guilds
  15. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Hello fellow Sanctians! It has been a long time since I have checked in and around the boards ever since the collapse of SWG. Has anyone heard or looked at the new MMORPG from Lucas Arts and BioWare called The Old Republic. It looks to me like a newly revitalized version of SWG, perhaps someday in the future we could find a new home there. www.swtor.com/ /salute