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  2. This got me laughing hard !!! xD

    omg yes the Gimli laugh kept making me rotf
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  4. https://imgur.com/a/akYZ4 Found this little gem here for you Windows 10 users who want to record your games pro-actively, Shadowplay style.
  5. Oh the clever editing!!!!!! LOLmao
  6. Which Sci-Fi to watch?

    I like this chart and was happy to say I have seen a lot of those films :)
  7. Which Sci-Fi to watch?

    Sci-Fi media is great because of its exercise of creativity within a stable system of rules. I like Star Wars less when the force is explained in a way that doesn't follow my perceived ruleset of it. Star Trek takes its set in place sciences and tries to work every issue or magical solution into those limits. If you consume a lot of creative material it can also inspire you to create new ideas and brainstorm logical working systems for games like Star Citizen!
  8. Which Sci-Fi to watch?

    Here is a fun little picture I found of some Sci-Fi genres if anybody is looking for a new one to watch. https://imgur.com/a/EL839
  9. SancT Day - 2017

  10. In Star Citizen's galaxy they have the freedom to make up some pretty crazy planets and environments. As long as they can explain away the science we could be seeing a low gravity planet held together by magnets or even a hollow planet with the city on the inside pointed towards an energy/light source.
  11. In another dimension...

    Daaaaa naaaaaaa na na naaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  12. City Building - in one click? o_O

    One button will setup you grid, put in the foundation, assign plots to pre-configured buildings, send out invites to civilians, establish a government, create new jobs, slowly corrupt the officials, increase the required spending to maintain a base quality of life, implement a loan system, take 'ownership' of the civilian's homes until they can pay it off, and finally create a stable ecosystem where people can never leave. Poor lesser npcs stuck on their pre-set routes and idle animations.
  13. I think one of the first things that was talked about was my favorite. Its hard now to travel relatively intermediate distances around planets and having another way to travel besides just the short range velocity.
  14. City Building - in one click? o_O

    It might just be a selector for a variety of city buildings and probably not a drop in for a whole city. That would be great though. But I would hate to walk through 20+ of the same city
  15. That is interesting hehe. SancT City lets goooooo
  16. Sandi Gardiner and Josh Herman host this week’s episode of Around the Verse. This episode explores the upcoming mission system and includes another installment of “Burndown."
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  18. 3.0 pushed back to October 9th

    I can see it now, Shaw jamming to boyz in Da Hood while cruising in his 890.
  19. eh I moved, it was easier :)
  20. Germans mad at 'bad' German

    Right?! If they don't get that fixed, the rest of it will be for naught. However renaming an item is a simple enough task: "replace globally" or whatever the command is. it just would take some time to reiterate through all the code. But they don't have to actually think about it.
  21. Germans mad at 'bad' German

    LOL at this point I think they should keep (for the moment) the name and get the netcode fixed haha. Since we had that whole fiasco with removing the training, Im really keen to tell people who have aNY OTHER problem w/ the game, other than the netcode, to STFU. PRIORITIZE YOUR COMPLAINTS PPL!! /2cents
  22. Yes I realize it should read "poor" German but that didn't have the same flow to it. I notice there are some German players complaining about how their language is butchered on some of the weapons names. I speak even less German than I do Norwegian, but I see what they mean. How does CIG, which employs Germans and has an office in Germany, decide pseudo-German is ok? English is more sandbox I guess, at least American English. We suspend rules and make adjustments all the time. But apparently that doesn't work for German. And also yes for a game that is so big on lore I'm not really sure how Tigerstreik ever passed muster. Anyway I thought it was interesting and I will be curious to see how the CIG responds. My favorite quote from the conversation is this :
  23. Best Monitor for Star Citizen?

    Ooh yeah that would be epic. Star Citizen on IMAX almost hehehe.
  24. Oh my, I'm wanting that 3.0 even more

    Yes cutlass here too! Except mine is the blue.
  25. Oh my, I'm wanting that 3.0 even more

  26. The "What am i Looking at" Mod lets you toggle off the UI. You can check your options > Controls > Scroll down to Waila near the bottom to see what button you currently have it bound to
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