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  1. This got me laughing hard !!! xD

    omg yes the Gimli laugh kept making me rotf
  2. Which Sci-Fi to watch?

    I like this chart and was happy to say I have seen a lot of those films :)
  3. eh I moved, it was easier :)
  4. Germans mad at 'bad' German

    Right?! If they don't get that fixed, the rest of it will be for naught. However renaming an item is a simple enough task: "replace globally" or whatever the command is. it just would take some time to reiterate through all the code. But they don't have to actually think about it.
  5. Yes I realize it should read "poor" German but that didn't have the same flow to it. I notice there are some German players complaining about how their language is butchered on some of the weapons names. I speak even less German than I do Norwegian, but I see what they mean. How does CIG, which employs Germans and has an office in Germany, decide pseudo-German is ok? English is more sandbox I guess, at least American English. We suspend rules and make adjustments all the time. But apparently that doesn't work for German. And also yes for a game that is so big on lore I'm not really sure how Tigerstreik ever passed muster. Anyway I thought it was interesting and I will be curious to see how the CIG responds. My favorite quote from the conversation is this :
  6. Best Monitor for Star Citizen?

    Ooh yeah that would be epic. Star Citizen on IMAX almost hehehe.
  7. Oh my, I'm wanting that 3.0 even more

    Yes cutlass here too! Except mine is the blue.
  8. Best Monitor for Star Citizen?

    Hmm typical- it looks good and then you find out Windows 10 can't handle it. What is Win10's problem? I love large screens.
  9. Oh my, I'm wanting that 3.0 even more

    Hmm one of the first things I want to do is checkout one of those moons. on-foot. I have tried walking on asteroids and GrimHex but it just isn't the same.
  10. Change to Production Schedule layout

    Yes. The netcode is a major obstacle I agree.
  11. Apparently they took down the graphical representation of the Production Schedule? I was looking for it and found this instead: Two interesting items I note on the Production Schedule (updated from the GamesCon) Basic Ship Security-With the gameplay we’re adding in to 3.0.0, we’re conscious that there may be some other players that would love to kill you and take your ship. To help prevent this, we wanted to implement some basic security that will allow you to lock the ship, so only you have the ability to pass freely through its doors. Part of this work includes adding destruction for external ship doors to allow for the other half: basic breaching / boarding. Race Tracks on Planets-To give our planetary environments extra points of interest, and also an excuse to drive ground-based vehicles around at high speed, we thought the best way to do this was to build some rudimentary race tracks on the planets that would have been previously used by the research teams as a way to blow off steam and have fun. I am happy for the doorlocks. That's been a problem for a while now and why I don't usually venture out from Single Player as much as I would like. I've had my ship taken a few times right from the landing pad. I am not that big on the racing but this sounds interesting because it is ground-based instead of the flight-based ones. This should be fun! I like what they are doing with the game. This is really going to be epic.
  12. I know they can sometimes stick their hands through walls but this one actually stole my mining pickax that I had accidentally dropped near a window. The good news is when it was daylight, all 7 of them burned up and I could walk out and retrieve it.
  13. SancT Day - 2017

    yay! to us and the future!
  14. Ship Sizes graphic w/ new 600i

    And for those of us who get lost, 4 columns over in the Origin section and it would be the gray ship named 600i. I like how that graphic is organized. I've seen some others where it was just by size but I really like the grouping by manufacturer also.
  15. A short but sweet Bugsmashers for this week which solved a problem with turret control on a Cutlass. Why I think it is interesting: I liked how he was showing that just by changing the priority that the ship manufacturer could force a ship to be multi-crew or allow for it to be single-player. I have a Cutlass too so yay.