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  1. Yva Xorna

    New recruit

    @Critelok cool have fun & see you when u get back
  2. Yva Xorna

    New recruit

    @Critel Oh I should have asked what memory problems?
  3. Yva Xorna

    New recruit

    @Critel PVE is dear to my heart. Which ships you looking at?
  4. Yva Xorna

    New recruit

    Oh I forgot to ask, what sort of roles do you usually play? I’m super excited about mining. It’s absolutely labor-intensive randomness at its best:)
  5. Yva Xorna

    New recruit

    Hey good to meet you! :)
  6. Yva Xorna

    ATV: Dude, It's the July 12th Update

    Oh this one was nearly twice as long as last week. Yay mining upgrades :)
  7. Yva Xorna

    Hello Wanderhome!

    That depends. You can see see the Calendar in /Browse/Calendar and it will list the events and what time during YOUR time the event it. And then people are on various different times.
  8. Yva Xorna

    -=I joined Sanctuary of Wanderhome=-

    Yes- we practice 6 days a week too.
  9. Yva Xorna

    New Recruit

    Hi again Emrict. Welcome to SoW :) I'm hoping RSI can get your stuff back!
  10. Yva Xorna

    vacuum you should buy

    Oh good point- blower not a vacuum. I'll have to look at the box again.
  11. Yva Xorna

    Bees > Computer?

    @Sytema yes it would be the noisiest fan ever. Good point!
  12. Yva Xorna

    Weekly Tabletop Night 7-1-2018

    Oh my bad. I thought it was for the other games. I apologize for the confusion. I will not be attending games night today then. Perhaps next week.
  13. Yva Xorna

    Weekly Tabletop Night 7-1-2018

    To clarify, I'll be at the "practice time" one.
  14. Yva Xorna

    vacuum you should buy

    I have to thank @Astrus for letting me know about this vacuum. I've got a dog the loves to shed and I live in a heavily agricultural (read: dusty) area so keeping the dustbunnies at bay is always an issue. Cans of air hate me and malfunction often. So this vacuum is just brilliant.
  15. Yva Xorna

    More Swag

    That's the back. The front looks good too.