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  1. Yva Xorna

    Hello, I am a new member.

    Hi there! Good to have you on-board 🙂
  2. Yva Xorna

    Shaw's Humidor!

    You are building quite the collection.
  3. Yva Xorna

    New noobie!!

    Ok thank you for pointing out about the « direct connection » option. Hopefully if the next person experiences this issue we’ll all now what to suggest. Thanks 🙂
  4. Yva Xorna

    Object Container Streaming: Demystified

    I'm quite excited about this.
  5. Yva Xorna

    S.o.W. Avatar Border

    It turned out nice 🙂
  6. Yva Xorna

    New noobie!!

    Correct it doesn't have a spot for the password but i thought it prompted you for it when you click connect?
  7. Yva Xorna

    New noobie!!

    Any luck getting into Mumble?
  8. Yva Xorna

    New noobie!!

    It is all up to you- depends on what you want to do in-game.
  9. Yva Xorna

    New noobie!!

    Oh cool. Which ships you thinking of "being" ?
  10. Yva Xorna

    New noobie!!

    Hello & welcome. Or re-welcome if you think you might have been here before.
  11. I get annoyed when I run into random space junk in Arena Commander. But apparently this is really a thing! Sounds like we need a real Reclaimer.
  12. Yva Xorna

    Oh my....

    Right? I read that same article and thought it was spooky. The fact that everybody had to be evacuated and their is some lame excuse given makes it completely suspect.
  13. Settlers of Catan and Pandemic, two of the games we were playing a lot on TableTop are apparently quite popular and are going to be available on Nintendo's Switch. I don't have Switch. Do you? I'm not sure if these type of games will transfer over well. I just thought it was funny that of course the games we were playing have been leading edge 😜!!
  14. Yva Xorna

    Crusader Mercury Q&A

    Ok I may be spending more time in the Herald than originally anticipated.