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  1. ingame communication

    Did you get this working yet @Thodoss?
  2. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

    @khoujiI know I was like oooh I should do this instead but I just re-enrolled in school after taking some time off. I need the credits actually.
  3. Salute!!!! Great job. I'm um slightly behind you lol.
  4. 50k POSTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol well whether it was Shaw's post or one before his, 50k posts is still impressive. Good job everybody!
  5. ATV: The Origin of Spaceships

    I have not had a chance to watch this yet but I like how they are changing up the shows a bit.
  6. Hello folks!

    Hi and welcome :)
  7. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

    Yes then there is that lol. I'm all for education though and learning at your own pace is nice too, as long as they provide structure (lessons that go in a particular order).
  8. I see Google have started offering classes in IT for anybody who is interested. For $49/month go at your own pace get certified as a IT Support Professional and they claim to help with the job search afterwards. "If you dedicate 8-10 hours a week to the courses, you can complete the certificate in about eight months. " That would be a total cost of just under $400. By comparison, the community college I attend is $46/unit x 35 units which is $1610 plus whatever the books come out to and will take about 2 years. The difference would be if you wanted something that was academically accredited and/or could be used to transfer to another school, then the community college would be the best option.
  9. ingame communication

    Welcome :)
  10. LG Expected to Supply Face ID Technology

    I think that was Vizio not LG? I am not sure. The point being most people don't like being snooped on. Some of us worked for the Feds so we are used to it lol.
  11. LG Expected to Supply Face ID Technology

    If it works as well as the thumbprint reading I have on my 6s, forget it. That thing works when it wants to but most of the time is apparently "on a smoke break".
  12. Stay Healthy

    And get your flu shot, if possible. You may still get the flu (as in my case) but you should not get it full-force.
  13. ATV: New Website Preview

    Well I understand Star Citizen being separate from Squadron 42, but I don't understand exactly what the 3rd part is. I'm sure once I see it I will understand. But watching the video I was like confused.
  14. ATV: New Website Preview

    I agree, I like the new layout. At first I was thinking well Turbulent are just making jobs for themselves lol but it actually does look better. Although I am a little confused as to why there are 3 parts but perhaps when they are done it will make sense to me. The focus on the mobile site is encouraging too.
  15. Mars: The Real Deal

    Yeah I saw a couple of views of Earth from Mars. We have the prettiest of the planets :)