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  1. Yva Xorna

    Moths Move to Moon

    Hmm. They do a good job with the special effects these days. But part of the charm of the old movies is that you can see the strings that move the puppets lol.
  2. Yva Xorna

    Moths Move to Moon

    I thought they needed gravity to grow? I could be wrong. We shall see!
  3. Yva Xorna

    Oh heeeeck no

    Yeah I'm good. I like fish but no thank you.
  4. I forgot how ground-breaking some of these games were back then. Fortunately some of that talent was tapped for the current focus.
  5. Yva Xorna

    Just got accepted!

    Hi! Glad you joined. Have you setup Mumble yet?
  6. Yva Xorna

    Rein Raus Cats

    Ok I was going to say that sounds like Rammstein hehe.
  7. Yva Xorna

    From the Front Lines: Q1 2019

    Great job @Shawkorrr !
  8. Yva Xorna

    Follow the white cap

    Oh wow!. Well, some people reach a high level of performance right at the start. I don't want to say they reach their maximum potential because I truly feel there is always room for improvement. And some people, gotta get going first. Having said that, that's an insane video.
  9. Yva Xorna

    AI "cheating" (not in-game)

    @N0cturnal88 I literally spent 2+ months without a Start Menu after an upgrade for Windows10 . Ok to be fair, last year I didn't encounter any real problems with it but the constant interruptions for updates is annoying and the home-network options are insufficient. It certainly is a step above Windows 8 which was mostly BSOD for me (different computer than this current one).
  10. Yva Xorna

    Moths Move to Moon

    I've actually watched a few Mothra movies lolz.
  11. Yva Xorna

    Moths Move to Moon

    This isn't game related but it's a space topic so I'm going to share this here. I don't know if I am excited or apprehensive about this (or both) but apparently China has plants and silk moths on the moon now. This is really going to be interesting. Historically when man has introduced creatures & plants that have no natural enemies, things have gone rather south (cane toad, black rats, kudzu...).
  12. Yva Xorna

    AI "cheating" (not in-game)

    I love robot/computer/AI news so here is a recent article I found that I think is of interest. Computers & the like aren't really smart or dumb-they just are [with the exception of Windows 10 which just sucks but anyway]. So apparently this particular AI was supposed to be taking satellite imagery and making Google maps out of it. It did that, but it cut a few corners and wrote the data into a form our simple eyes can't read. I actually laughed so hard when I read this. I use Google maps all the time. Not 100% on-board with their politics but I absolutely respect the work they have done and they certainly make my life more enjoyable. Yva's First rule of coding: AI will do EXACTLY what you tell it to do. Yva's 2nd rule of coding: if it's not working, you're doing it wrong. There are mechanical failures /electrical interference/ my-desk-is-a-portal-to-the-Bermuda-triangle situations that cancel out those 2 rules but AI "thought" is basically just coded logic and order of operations.
  13. Yva Xorna

    Happy New Year 2019

    woot! Happy New Year everybody 🙂
  14. Yva Xorna

    Landing problems!

    Good point @Fastlaine EVA saves the day.
  15. Yva Xorna

    I got trolled by an A.I.

    aww @Nikoooo I suspect next time will have a more victorious ending for you!