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  1. -=I joined Sanctuary of Wanderhome=-

    Dobrý deň- welcome to SOW :)
  2. The "What The Frell" Topic =-

    I loved the Muppets when I was a kid. I liked the mix of puppets and special human guests. My favorite was Miss Piggy and also Animal.
  3. ATV: UK Studio Update

    I actually like the MobiGlass. i wasn't so sure about it at first but I am liking it's contributions to the lore & culture. Instead of just a magic menu that appears out of nowhere, it actually is an in-game gadget.
  4. The new 11 series is coming!

    Oh really? I may have to get one.
  5. Work for NASA

    NASA are looking for a few good mission control leaders. For more information see their website.
  6. -=I joined Sanctuary of Wanderhome=-

    Guten tag HD. It was nice meeting you. Welcome to SoW:)
  7. robot fish

    I have been reading a few articles on this robotfish. When I was a kid, R2D2 was born and I really hoped we'd have robots walking around doing things. Like on the Jetson's. We do now have computers in everything but they are now just computer chips that do things. This fish makes me happy because it moves and is more fun than just a chip that sits there. However when they make a robot bird that flies I will be super impressed but this does look pretty cool.
  8. Happy St. Patricks Day

    I didn't see this before now and clearly it was up. This looks very cool. You got the flag too :)
  9. I am excited about the Lucas Museum breaking ground. It sounds like it is really going to be cool. They are expecting it to be open 2021 which sounds like super in the future but really is 3 years lol. This is on the same street as CIG's LA studio although it is about min down the road from them. Maybe we can plan an "org-cursion" to go see this when it opens? I am not the biggest fan of Los Angeles but this could be really fun.
  10. ATV: Performance and Optimization

    omg I'm saving this episode forever lol :) That's me in the camo pants and RSI shirt .
  11. This is deep....

    lolz! this is great!
  12. ATV: Los Angeles Studio Update

    lol we will have our own updated LA studio update tomorrow :) I am so super excited for the upcoming ability to customize characters and what is the freaking holdup on the female characters??!?!! I am tempted to make same snotty joke about they couldn't draw well what they hadn't really seen.
  13. Help me out...

    I'd want a control room for sure, multiple control towers (this would depend on how large the area is), some habitation areas and LOTS of storage! But that's just me. Just to clarify when I said storage I was thinking for crates. Like a warehouse.
  14. 5G Wireless forthcoming

    I remember when 4G was an emerging technology and I was so excited when it was offered in my area. Now 5G is on the way although it will probably be a while until I have it where I work.
  15. Hell to the NO

    True that: my dog has a microchip. So we are definitely on the grid lol. I might actually want to try the door opening chip.