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-=S.o.W. Organization Guidelines=-

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Lets take a more detailed look below at exactly what these statutes mean below.






#1 - Communication is important. We use Mumble primarily as a communication tool. A headset or speakers with a working microphone is necessary to be able to listen to your fellow members, especially In times of war where two-way communication is crucial. Please install it so you are ready to go when needed. In any social media or group chat we refrain from vulgar and otherwise inappropriate pictures or conversations. (Also see #20) We are all mature. Please read the Voice Comms Guidelines by clicking Here.


#2 - Cooperation is the key to success. Every game is made better when played with friends and every wing excels to higher standards in a coordinated team. We cherish our fellow members who go out of their way to help one another. Outside of a Call To Arms (CTA), there will be times when help is necessary for immediate action to ensure the organization's well being. If a S.o.W. Executive asks you to help with a high priority organizational event/task it is strongly advised you help as need be.

The rewards of helping extend beyond the strengthening friendships and member morale. There are many opportunities in-game to contribute acts and ideas which count toward our rewards and ranking system.


#3 - S.o.W. Achievements. Throughout your journey in Sanctuary of Wanderhome you will be able to earn achievements and awards for doing something extraordinary while playing with the organization. These awards will be given to you by the S.o.W. leadership and they will be visible on your website  profile. Many members see this as having bragging rights; you gotta catch em all!

Note: If you decide to leave Sanctuary of Wanderhome, all of the awards you have earned throughout your stay, may be permanently wiped clean from your profile.


#4 - Don’t let trolls bait you, deal with them tactically. Trolls exist wherever you go. If someone verbally abuses you, please screenshot the conversation(s) you are having with that person and provide that screenshot and a description of the altercation with a Chairman/Executive. We have tried and true ways of dealing with people who troll our members. Be sure to be the most reasonable person in the conversation, and end the conversation as soon as insults are thrown. Remember to screenshot/record the conversation if you can.

Also, remember that C.I.G. also has Terms of Service that its customers must abide by. If you are the victim of a player who is in violation of these terms, file a harassment Ticket with CIG, if applicable, ASAP.






#5 - Represent Sanctuary. Sanctuary of Wanderhome is an exclusive organization. Our members understand that they are to be focused only on one organization and that is their organization; Sanctuary of Wanderhome.

With that said, our Members are not to join other organizations, unless authorized by our Executives. We also do not allow alternate characters, owned by our members, to be in other organizations either. Unless otherwise noted by an Executive redacting or hiding your membership to Sanctuary of Wanderhome is not allowed.

The only other org that our full members can be involved with is the Evocati Test Flight. For more info about the Cloud Imperium Games ran group Click Here.

Upon your acceptance as a member please change your community moniker to include the -=SoW=- tag in front of your name. Having a -=SoW=- tag means you represent the organization at all times. Wear the tag and be proud!

Also be sure to change your avatar to include the official S-Star border around your avatar! Click here for more info!


#6 - Have Fun™.... Sometimes we log in and we get caught up in the grind and becoming more proficient at our professions or simply just making credits with our friends. One of the benefits here at S.o.W. is that you are free to roam within any of our three branches, at any time, making it so that you have a more overall varied gameplay.


#7 - Don't advertise other organizations - We do not allow any of the users on the S.o.W. forums or Voice Comms to advertise other organizations. Moderators are free to delete any posts/topics that contains such advertisement. Spreading other organization’s advertisement/propaganda/event information on our forums or voice comms can result in a ban without notice.


#8 - Sanctuary of Wanderhome on social media platforms. We can be found on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Reddit. Be sure to follow us on social media so that if our site is down you will be up to date on when it will be back up, and other important messages of the like.


#9 - Cheating in Star Citizen is not tolerated in any way shape or form.Cheating is the getting of a reward for ability or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation by dishonest means. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation”. Also, if you see someone in the organization that might be cheating please contact the administrators with proof, as this may sully our reputation with Cloud Imperium Games and the community.


#10 - Avoid PVP piracy. We have a strong focus on security and frown upon random acts of piracy against other players. Those who commit random acts of PVP piracy in the ‘Verse will be reprimanded and subsequently removed if repeated instances occur. There will however be fair targets which we will announce internally and, at our discretion publicly. If you are not a member of Sanctuary of Wanderhome and wish to file a grievance against a member of ours who you think has done wrong to you, please get in touch with a Staff member.

  • DURING THE TESTING PHASES OF STAR CITIZEN: Sanctuary of Wanderhome has anti-piracy guidelines for when Star Citizen is released but ok's "piracy" in the Alpha stages when testing is needed to make the game better and potentially find and prevent bugs that promote griefing. Please read THIS POST for more information.


#11 - Recruitment. If you at some point wish to recruit on the behalf of Sanctuary of Wanderhome, please get in touch with a Statecraft Operations Staff member and let them know you wish to contribute. They will give you further instructions on how to proceed. o7







#12 - Sanctuary CALL TO ARMS (CTA) Whether you’re a fan of PVP or not, there will be a time when we will be called to defend our friends and family from griefers, enemies and pirates looking to make a buck.

In Star Citizen there will also be times where we will have to come out and defend our homes, territories and strongholds. We will not tolerate the abuse of our members by the enemy.

When a CTA is issued by an Executive it is highly advised that all Sanctuary of Wanderhome members, in every branch, respond to the CTA if called upon.

Refusing to respond to a CALL TO ARMS, and help defend your fellow S.o.W. brothers and sisters, can result in removal from the organization.


#13 - Unity in all branches. Outside of our organization guidelines there are also Branch guidelines. Our branch guidelines will need to be followed and respected as they are pertinent to the cohesiveness of our organization. Many of your organization's events may involve more than one branch, further reinforcing the chance for our branches to interact with each other.

Our branches work together and communicate with each other cohesively, and our members following the branch guidelines and organization guidelines is key to that cohesion.

Please visit each respective branch page and speak to branch directors to be clear on what is needed to be an effective envoy, operator or officer of each respective branch.


#14 - Alliances. In Star Citizen we will be allies with other organizations. These organizations are NOT to be attacked/engaged by our members unless a specific order to engage has been given by an executive of Sanctuary of Wanderhome.

If you are being attacked/engaged by an ally of S.o.W. get in touch with any of our Staff as soon as possible!







#15 - Refrain from excessive complaining. Complaining without efforts to make the organization any better will not be tolerated. We believe that if you have the energy and time to complain about, something such as, the absence of organizational activities, then you probably have a good idea of what a good organizational activity would be. Use the energy, that you would’ve used to complain, constructively and attempt to create an organization event.

We more than welcome your initiative to start an organizational function through our Statecraft Operations branch.  We listen to every idea members have and welcome constructive, logical conversations.

If creating, organizing, or participating in organization events is appealing to you please send a private message to Shawkorrr.

If you have a legit complaint get in touch with any of the administrators and let us sit down and talk it through.


#16 - Begging for resources is not allowed. Making a profit in any game is not hard and you should be fully capable of earn your way throughout your time in the ‘Verse. Use the Questions Area of our website to ask questions about how you can make a better living for yourself. There will also be in-depth tutorials on how to make UEC as more game content is released! So stay tuned!


#17 - Got a problem? Solve it. We believe that people should become excellent problem solvers in every aspect of their lives. If you have a problem with something, or someone, do take your time to try and solve the problem on your own, but if you need or want our help do not be afraid of asking for assistance; we will gladly be of assistance.


#18 - Keep calm and... Star Citizen is a dynamic environment where things may not always go perfectly. If and when things aren't running perfectly, emotional or ad-hominem outbursts that disrupt the communication in battle will not be tolerated. There will always be an avenue for critique and suggestions AFTER the battle for our members who were frustrated with the battle or just have a great idea to help us win as often as possible. It is your duty to respect the time invested by all members and remain calm.







#19 - Website Rules. Our website is a place for the community to come together and share ideas. Keep in mind the rules of conduct as any breach of them will result in disciplinary actions, leading up to a permanent ban.

  • Your name on our website needs to match your Star Citizen Handle.

    • If you became a S.o.W. website member before December 31st 2016, do not worry about having your name match your handle. However if you want to be a full member within our Star Citizen organization, you can ask a Staff Member to have your name changed to your Star Citizen handle.

  • Do not make posts asking for money or donations.

  • Creating polls which can be used to gather intel about our members is not permitted on our website. If you want to create such a poll, make sure to run it through a Staff Member before posting. 

  • Do not post personal information (doxxing) of another member on the website for any reason.

  • Spam will not be tolerated. Edit and add to your posts to avoid creating too many back to back posts. Those who spam will be banned from our website without questions asked.

    • Check to see if a post has already been made, using the search engine, before posting you own thread/post.

  • Do not advertise or promote the use of cheating in video games. If you believe someone is abusing, exploiting, or cheating a system contact a Staff Member with screenshots and proof.

  • Keep it civil: If it’s not safe for work it’s not safe for public posting on our website.

  • This website is meant for Sanctuary of Wanderhome’s members and business. Any topics or posts made about other organizations that are not relevant will be removed at discretion of a Moderator.

  • Moderators’ decisions. If some topic/post has been altered on the S.o.W. website and you wish to know why certain changes has been made, do not make another public topic nor post asking why. Contact a moderator in a private message and take it from there.

  • Doxxing is not allowed. Private or identifying information about any member will not be tolerated by the moderation team. Testing this rule will have consequences.

  • Crowdfunding is not permitted on the website without an Executive's specific approval. 


#20 - If you See Something, Say Something. Our organization has survived over 14 different coup d'etat/saboteur attempts all thanks to you, our members. If someone says something that you think is foul play, pre-meditated destruction of morale, sabotage of org property in and out of game, or just plain wrong. Please fill out THIS FORM to give us information about what you saw and help us to keep Sanctuary of Wanderhome a strong, safe, and fun organization for years to come.


#21 - Respect these guidelines. These guidelines are here for the purpose of strengthening and securing our membership and organization as a whole. If they are not respected, and in turn broken, please expect consequences. These consequences range from being demoted, removed from the organization to a permanent banishment from the organization. Please help us to keep S.o.W. fun and safe by respecting our guidelines. 

#22 - Do not solicit our members to join Non-Official communication mediums. When communication needs to be made to our members, we don't need confusion as to where critical information will come from. Do not solicit or advertise other means of communication to S.o.W. members other than our official voice comm servers, website, etc. If an Executive didn't post it on our website, voice comm server, "discord" channel, etc; then assume it is not official.

Please expect immediate expulsion without warning if you choose to ask or offer our members to join any non-official S.o.W. communication medium. If you're not sure if its official, ask an Executive.


If you are willing to abide by these guidelines, we welcome you.

Due to changes in the game and changes in the overall needs of our organization;

the above can and will be changed, by the Staff, for the betterment of Sanctuary of Wanderhome at any time.

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