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  1. Oh the clever editing!!!!!! LOLmao
  2. That is interesting hehe. SancT City lets goooooo
  3. Oh my, I'm wanting that 3.0 even more

  4. Best Monitor for Star Citizen?

    Good grief lol
  5. It will be worth the wait I am sure !!! :D
  6. SancT Day - 2017

    Happy birthday Sanctuary of Wanderhome !!! ...grab some beer and have some fun! Lets keep it up ladies and gentlemen!
  7. Sweet! We all saw it live but here is what happened behind the scenes!
  8. 3.0 pushed back to October 9th

    They must be finishing up.....
  9. Faceware Announcement

    Nice! This will be SICK when it is fully implemented! :O
  10. Heeeeeeey ^_^ Yeah Chunga was with us for a good while but sadly vanished into thin air :( If you ever find him let him know I said hi !!! There are some names I remember from Wanderhome, and you are one of them !!! *hi5* This community lived on for the longest time and yes we are deep inside of Star Citizen at the moment, a game which seems to be a VERY interesting game for the future. I might have to pay you guys a visit at one point, I will keep it in mind for sure! SWG is very dear to us here at S.o.W. for obvious reasons lol You should check out our videos on YouTube, some historical stuff there as well from Wanderhome etc. And anytime you want to have a chat, drop by our mumble or we can drop in Discord :p time will tell hehe.
  11. Waaaaaaaaait a second..... HABANERO the wookiee entertainer??? I...REMEMBER....YOU! Holy smokes, how have you been doing? Woohoo!
  12. Next concept ship 400USD

    Ah crap. I may have to buy YET another ship lol. The addiction, THE ADDICTION.