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  1. NY Times Article on Star Citizen!

    There's going to be the haters, doubters, slanderers, and such. I see no reason, for the foreseeable future, why they would be right. The game is making strides. And it's going to take time to make it. As a supporter, we have the honor of finding bugs, and giving feedback on a super complex game. The GTA series of games, as of late, have taken just as much time to be put out, with far less features. Criticism, will get the game recognized, and those that choose to give the game a whirl, will make up their own minds. We can choose to be Lemmings, or we can choose to be Pioneers.
  2. What music are you listening to right now?

    Static. No seriously. I haven't listened to any real music since Sunday at church...
  3. Wow.

  4. Wow.

    Found this video of LTT using a H.O.T.A.S. in Star Citizen and it made me realize that the game has been in development for a LONG time. Actual development has been since Q4 2012, but Kick Starter time was more like 2011 or earlier. Just thought I'd post this here. YouTube video
  5. My Update.

    Sorry, meant to post this in the Lounge. Can you move it plz?
  6. My Update.

    So first thing. I've had to put off my pursuit of getting that lump on my face removed for the past few months. But it's back on, I have a surgical consult coming up in October, and after that I'm sure the surgery will be close behind it. As far as I know, during the last test, they felt it wasn't malignant (cancerous). But they'll test it again for a definitive in October. So God willing, it'll remain benign. And speaking of God, this may make some of you uneasy. But I've found Jesus. And His love and joy is helping me to make strides in the right direction as far as my career, health, and sanity goes. I'm slowly going through my facebook, twitter, and other social accounts to weed out the negative thinkers, down-right lewd, and otherwise potty-minded folks that pollute my feeds. If you are on my friends list, and you haven't been removed as of the past two weeks, good on you! For the record, no one from SancT was on the cut list. I hold each and everyone of you in the highest regard as friends and the select few, as family. In my career, if you can call it that, I've taken to driving a dump truck 5 days a week. It pays well, and I can get between 35-50 hours a week. So as such, my days are sleep, eat, shower, repeat (for the most part). This is only a stop-gap until I can get my own business off the ground. I have two ideas rattling around in my head. One is to open a tow truck business (let's face it, 15 years of experience is a good thing). The other is a computer repair/building business. Depends on how I want to go with it. I believe it to be God's will that I do the tow truck thing, as he has provided me with ample feedback on that front. My phone hasn't stopped ringing for the past two weeks from folks looking for a tow. And lastly, as of late, the amount of time I actually spend playing games on my computer has been so low. But that's mostly because of being dead tired each day, and being dead busy with other stuff on the weekends. But I haven't forgotten you all, and I miss everyone. I'll stop in from time to time, and maybe even pop into VoIP as well. See y'all out there.
  7. Here's the link to a pack that I used to admin, called Painfully Simple. It had just enough stuff to make it functional, with a balance of tech, magic, and survival. MC Version: DL: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiqcDzOXZqnqqUbB_UfYZbLdZXuW Place In folder: C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks List of mods: Better Loading Screen Pistronics 2 AgriCraft AppleCore Applied Energistics 2 AsieLib BetterFPS BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Carpenter's Blocks CodeChickenCore Computronics EnderIO EnderZoo Extra Biomes XL IguanaTinkerTweaks (adds xp to tinker tools) Immersive Engineering Inventory Tweaks Jabba (Just Another Better Barrel) Journey Map Mantle mcDiscord (allows integration with Discord chat) neiaddons NotEnoughItems OpenComputers OptiFine Pam's HarvestCraft Railcraft RealWorldGeneration (makes realistic terrain generation) Steves Carts Steves Addons Steves Factory Manager Tinker's Construct Thaumcraft Waila Wawla To make a server, simple upload as is and add yer server files. Can be played single player. Have fun!
  8. A suggestion for the modpack: Thermal Expansion (suite of mods): Allows for easier automation of smelting, crafting, and such. Thermal Expansion, and other mods. &nbsp;Might need the core mod as well Applied Energistics: Allows greater storage as well as auto-crafting of complex items. Applied Energistics These items won't hurt the game play, as they are very resource intensive. One last thing: Wawla (What are we looking at). It basically allows you to point your cursor at an item and see what it is. What are we looking at
  9. MC IGN: zhivotnoya Let me in! *Knocks on door*
  10. https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/star-trek-bridge-crew/ Found this by accident. It's a Star Trek Multiplayer where you can only play if you have the VR gear. Looks like it's for the Wii, or something similar. I thought it was interesting enough to post, though to be honest, I'm burned out on Star Trek MMO's after the last one got me to pay $300 for a lifetime subscription, then went free to play a few months later...
  11. Stream Schedule (Zhiv)

    Derp. Forgot it was Saturday. Oh well, I can stream tomorrow.
  12. Stream Schedule (Zhiv)

    Here's my (tentative) schedule for streaming. Subject to changes. Be sure to follow my social media for updates/changes. Saturday 4pm-8pm Sunday's 3-8pm Games: S.O.S. (I have an alpha trial) APB:Reloaded Minecraft (modded) American Truck Simulator European Truck Simulator Squadd.io (browser game) And others. Seems that Sunday's are the only days I can do it right now since I have to be available the other days. Twitter: https://twitter.com/zhivotnoya Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SasquatchTrucker/?pnref=lhc (I might create a more game geared FB page, dunno yet) Well, signing off for now. Gotta be up at 5:30am. Got stuff to do tomorrow.
  13. What music are you listening to right now?

    The ringing in my ears. No really. When it's super quiet, the intensity of my tinnitus makes itself known. When I'm not listening to the ringing, usually something along these lines:
  14. Got Internet back on at my house. My Unemployment went thru so after bills are taken care of, I'll check in from time to time on Mumble.
  15. Nope. Just don't have Internet at the house at the moment. I'm actually using my mom's Internet at her house on her computer. I should be back online soonish tho, and I will stop by Mumble when I do (assuming anyone is actually online). See ya then!