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  1. I think one of the first things that was talked about was my favorite. Its hard now to travel relatively intermediate distances around planets and having another way to travel besides just the short range velocity.
  2. City Building - in one click? o_O

    It might just be a selector for a variety of city buildings and probably not a drop in for a whole city. That would be great though. But I would hate to walk through 20+ of the same city
  3. 3.0 pushed back to October 9th

    I can see it now, Shaw jamming to boyz in Da Hood while cruising in his 890.
  4. I wasnt able to see the Item name when hovering in the top left corner. I tried to reinstall the pack, but then the link you have in the tutorial gave me an "Request Unauthorized" when clicking on it. I cannot see the modpack when searching in the technic launcher either.
  5. Ship Sizes graphic w/ new 600i

    It looks like they had a Q+A on the ship. Hopefully giving us some more information. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16093-Q-A-Origin-600i I think that we were talking about the missile capabilities and that seems to have been answered:
  6. Eclipse Sale possible on monday?? =-

    Haha yeah I saw this same thing on reddit. However, It sucks it didnt happen.
  7. I uploaded a Video of my 0 Death Pirate Swarm. I would appreciate if anyone could get me some feedback.
  8. ATV: The Shape of Derelict Ships

    I think that their work on the cargo, and that interface for buying and selling looked very neat. Also the landing system looks to be given a upgrade, I dont think as it is now its too difficult more of a factor that they dont fly away Its really neat how far they are taking crash sites. Going deep into detail. Looking good, but cant wait for 3.0!! Plus nice little hint there at the end. I guess we will have to go look
  9. WazzY's Vacation

    Haha sorry missed the post Here is a Couple: Me at Vatican City: On a Gondola In Venice: Stonehenge: The Palazzo Vecchio In Florence:
  10. So there was an art fair in my town last week that is actually supposed to be fairly popular. I usually dont buy things, but there was this one guy that combined street art with some other things, and create a sort of collage. Needless to say I had to buy it. What do you guys think?
  11. Wow. It took this long? I would have assumed he would have been on there by now.
  12. WazzY's Vacation

    Thanks! Had a great time, but really glad to be back. Time to get back to business and get things done!!
  13. Weigh-in on the "one sun" quandary.

    That is interesting. In the game as it is now is there gravity at all? Or are our thrusters on constantly even at small amounts to keep the ships completely stationary. From a Physics background that might become taxing computationally. Since every object that has a mass "technically" has a gravitational pull. Maybe this is limited to large objects? I do not know how this works in the game now. Can anyone shed some light?
  14. WazzY's Vacation

    Thanks!! I'll definitely post some pictures when I get back. And of course ill be winning on Facebook