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    I joined a long time ago April 12 of 2008 ....... glad to be part of this fine fellowship of people again
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    Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) is becoming a more popular sport and martial art practice over the years. It is always interesting to see instructors break down a subject and draw from that subject moments of knowledge which can be applied outside of sword clashing. Spoilers: My favorite part is how they talk about Technique gives you options on how to proceed next.
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    Sandi Gardiner and Steve Bender host this week’s episode, taking a look at the physics and control systems being implemented for atmospheric flight. Plus, another installment of “Burndown” keeps you up to date on the development process.
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    Bock bock i'm flying my hawk. Don't mind me or the way i walk. I hear the way that people talk. But i shut them down with my emp hawk.
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    I joined Sanctuary a short time ago and I am glad I did. I am new to video games period. I heard about Star Citizen from a friend, bought the game and fell in love with it immediately. As I was learning my way through, I came across this interesting thing called Organizations where people with the same goals get together and help each other acheive those goals; I did some research, got some invites, joined a couple of them and ended up leaving as they would not fulfill my expectations. All that happened very fast, I'm talking under 90 days, and for someone who had never been in contact with video games, that is a pretty short amount of time. So I decided to go Han Solo for a while and then I got the invite from SoW. Interesting, I thought, an exclusive organization that has a proven trajectory in gaming and with a really well organized structure, is giving me the chance to join them; awesome, this is what I was looking for. It's only been a short time but I have seen the dedication, the purpose, the ties these guys have and also the respect they have for each other. I am glad to be a part of SoW, for the long haul, Thank you guys!
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    HERE! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/9809-Space-Bujutsu-The-Game-PC-Only AND HERE! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/57219/thread/space-bujutsu-the-game-pc-only-fan-made-game
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    Pretty excited for the atmospheric flight! I wonder how many race tracks will be in atmosphere and out of atmosphere and if the leaderboards will differ much from one to the other.
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    Part 1 : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16292-Q-A-UEE-Land-Claim-Licenses Part 2 : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16319-Q-A-Aegis-Hammerhead
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    Just as a reminder if you're a member you can head over to Our Sunday Game Night! post and check out all the details! Spectators are welcome!
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    I joined S.O.W November, 16th, 2017, I already see the value and advantages of this organization, the executives and chairmen are extremely helpful and easy to talk to. I have relatively limited experience with MMO games and being in a guild/organization. my past experiences with a guild in SWTOR put me off from guilds making me feel like guilds are for high ranking members to lord over their underlings and not focus on helping each other achieve game goals and gain experience and loot so I just started playing with whatever group was playing the areas I was in. I'm looking forward to playing this amazing looking game with this extremely experience and organized group. I've already improved with the help a criticism from our executives. I am an oldshool wing commander/ privateer fan and I've been hoping/waiting for some thing similar with new game mechanics and I now it's happening. I have never taken an MMO a seriously as I am with Star Citizen. My first game completed on PC when I was about 12-15 yrs old:
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    Loving the 3rd wallpaper.
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    Great stuff. Will use that when i'll be a better pilot :D
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    Well my good friend Benny passed away a few years back so RIP my old friend. However, we have a new member in the family. Introducing Will! He also likes the tennis ball.
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    I would go with a monocle if I were you.
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    Secondary Mars art. Needs more solar panels that intelligent rotate to get the most power.
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    I was scrolling through Twitter and I said to myself "Hey I've seen that look before!" On the left, Sandi Gardiner’s Tweet from November 29th. On the right, Shaw in a still from S.o.W. Summit 2017 video. We had the pose first, just sayin’
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    Since Christmas is right around the corner I thought I should make this for ya'll to listen to in december. Enjoy!
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    Next one will be even better!!
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    Oh good mix. A freaking pyro keeps on torching me...bwahahahaha!!!
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    @RediJedi Open Mumble software. Upper left corner select "Server". Click "Connect". Select "Add New". Label: Sanctuary of Wanderhome Address: sanctuaryofwanderhome.cheapmumble.com Port: 2222 Password: wanderhomies Press "Ok".
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    I can't figure out how to open the menu to put in the login information.
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    See what it took to get our procedural city tech ready for CitizenCon. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this episode, which also includes another installment of “Burndown.”
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    I joined Sanctuary of Wanderhome back in October of 2007. I dont remember exactly how I found out about the organization, but im glad I did. I am going to just give the credit to Shawkorrr, because given the odds it was most likely him. Back then we were still playing World of Warcraft. I was still in high school and didnt know much about online gaming as a whole. SancT compared to many of other online gaming communities is unique, because the advancements that you make are not only limited to what happens in game. People praise real life advancement at just as high or even higher level than what happens in game. Much of what I have learned the last 10 years playing games can be applied to my situation in life. I have been able to build off the teachings and mindsets that are promoted here. We have played many games together now spanning from World of Warcraft to STO, and now Star Citizen. Hopefully we are able to build off the progress and mistakes of the previous games to make the atmosphere here even better in Star Citizen.
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    Simply having knowledge on a subject can guard and defend yourself against it. With an open mind unbiased mind seeing this document will be a reminder of what to work towards in everyday live and those whose minds are closed and fixed will see the original image as "Who cares" "Oh that doesn't apply to me" excuse excuse excuse from taking responsibility.
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    Kat still owning....lol. B) :mslug3g:
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    I can tell you from firsthand experience that people will hate you for being sucessful. In EnB where SnH was the largest and best guild by far in the game we always had the haters. We as a group where very polite and always helpful but you are under a microscope when you can weld that much power in a game. If we planed a raid of some type and could bring several groups of players to complete(In EnB a group was 6 players) it, then we where accused of hording the raids. Usually we invited everyone there to join us and always split the loot fairly but people still complained. Usually those complaining where either not there to see what happened or showed up to late to get a group before the action started or had a chip on their shoulders and thought that all belonged to them. In summary....If you are succesful then people will hate you for it. Always take the high road and don't change because of the haters.