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    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say hello real quick as I just joined the organization. I am still very new to Star Citizen but I already absolutely love the game. I cannot wait to play more and see the game progress and one day be the full game that has always been planned. Thank you all for accepting me here and I look forward to seeing you all out there! Take Care! Asmodeus
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    Yes! I saw it and had to have it! The Herald loaner is fun too, it's fast
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    Here is a link to the Q&A Great stuff. One of the more noteworthy points is there is an official differentiation between what ships like the Terrapin do as a "scanning" ship and what ships like the Mercury and Herald do. Also, "An example of legal data collection in PvE would be a mission along the lines of scanning a certain location for information, such as asteroid composition/density. Alternatively, you may recieve a mission to find specific player owned ships & their locations, which will need to be reported back the mission giver. Illegal data collection would be something more along the lines of intercepting sensitive information between two ships for PvE or intercepting and beating another player to delivery on an existing data running mission. " - CIG Thats cool.
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    AI is a very scary concept because of how easily it is altered. For example, they altered IBM Watson and microsoft AI "Tay" after it learned to swear. (well technically Microsoft AI "Tay" after it learns how to use vulgar language or reactions in the same way people speak on Twitter. Which isn't all that nice.) Or how google lied about it's translating AI/Matrix. That is the scary part about it, you don't know what the creators did to the construction itself. AI on it's own, if unbiased, wouldn't be THAT bad. It is the ones altering it. Because a basic face recognition AI could have a bias, possibly, due to the internet culture, but it should be able to read everything just fine based on it's database size. They technically only read common patterns after all.
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    @Yva Xorna I do probe missions and delivery missions with it, you can drop the box near the door and zooooom out it's more fun then it should be
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    Hey there everyone! I'm brand new to the game, and ofcourse SoW too. I'm slowly getting around the game and learning how to complete tasks, etc. Slowly but surely I'll get used to it. Do you guys mainly just chat in here and your voice comms or do you also have an official discord channel? (I tried searching but couldn't find anything) Happy Flying!
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    Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU.
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    LIVE from Wilmslow, UK. Engineers, programmers and QA testers sit down and discuss the nature of Object Container Streaming and what it means for the continuing development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.
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    Which reminds me of Steven Crowders AI test lol
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    This video is unavailable 😞
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    "Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU."
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    Glad to have you onboard with us @AsmodeusXVIII! If you have any questions, do not hessitate sending us a private message.
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    I sure hope skynet atleast doesn't want to destroy the entire humanity this time around lmao
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    Get to know the speedy, rugged, versatile Mercury, Crusader Industries' standard-setting data/cargo runner.
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    We have gotten alot of questions about why we dont use the Discord Communication App. Hopefully the below will clarify why we stay away from Discord and why we feel that CIG/RobertsSpaceIndustries is making strides to make Spectrum a healthy alternative to the Discord Communication App. Discord Communication App FOUNDER HAS ALREADY BEEN SUED FOR PRIVACY VIOLATIONS: We demand that our communications with our members be 100% private. Discord Communication App fails us in this respect. https://techcrunch.com/2015/08/27/discord-citron/ Jason Citron, founder of the Discord Communication App, already had a “Discord” app called “Openfeint”. Openfeint was sued for privacy violations because Citron sold the private information of its users to 3rd parties without complete disclosure that he did so. As stated in Their Terms & Service, Every single thing that is said or typed on Discord Communication App is recorded and can be used against you as you see in a following example. Trust is very important, and to educated gamers, Citron isn’t trustworthy. Discord Communication App RECORDS EVERYTHING AND INFRINGES ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH. IF THEY DON'T AGREE WITH YOU POLITICALLY: While we accept all members from different cultures, colors, religions and backgrounds our leadership has a deep respect for freedom of speech. https://archive.is/hXGx8 http://archive.is/FcC4E While other organizations directly ban and kick members for talking about religion or politics, Sanctuary of Wanderhome provides places where members who want to have those types of conversations with each other via “Politics and Religion” Channels and so forth. We expect that the conversations never devolve into personal insults. Discord Communication App, as a company, does not share our own inclusivity and acceptance of all types of people; People who also share and respect our guidelines and culture. Discord Communication App IS NOT SECURE: The below video speaks for itself. PUB-G Hacked LIVE Reaction: There are other ways to find out how to effectively hack Discord Communication App channels but we will leave that to you to safely search for online as linking them from our website is too risky for our taste. Discord Communication App IS NOT SAFE: In these examples Discord Communication App sent information to the SPLC and effectively doxxed people that the owners did not agree with politically. While we do not necessarily know nor share the views of the people that Discord Communication App doxxed, we do not like the fact that the people involved had their perceived private conversation leaked to a third party FOR CASH. We want our members to have full control over what we can say and how we can say it without risk of being shut down by a 3rd party. Freedom feels good. Terms of Service Timestamp: We may in the future use Discord Communication App officially for VERY VERY limited and Executive approved situations. Inviting our members to go join a non official Discord Communication App channel, as a member or otherwise, is still against our Org Guidelines. A communication app is a communication app. We will never be hindered in anyway as an org because we do not use Discord. Mumble is easy to use and has been a great boon to our org. The sound quality and speed is exceptional and worth every penny we pay for it. If you have anymore questions about why we don't use Discord please send a private message to @Shawkorrr.
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    Nice! 😄 Will be cool visiting you in that one @Yva Xorna !!!
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    Thank you for sharing! 😄
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    Its size and predicted speed are surprising. Check out its Technical Overviews Here
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    Hey guys, I am new to SOW and Star Citizen and I need some pals to help me learn the ropes and play the game with. Anyone is welcome. Let me know if you would be interested.
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    Hi! New member, still have that newbie smell! I joined SC about a week ago, but having fun! While new to SC not new to games, been playing WoW since high school off and on. Right now I am into mining and some light trading in SC, I am not much of a fighter, but every once in a while I like to put a few pirates down! Really looking forward to getting involved, and seeing where everything goes!
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    I just saw this on steam and thought everyone who does video uploading may be interested, only $8 for an $80 editor. Movavi is a pretty good converter, editor, and compression system, and this is a great price. Only 13 hours left on the sale, so, if you are interested, take a look! Just got this for myself. https://store.steampowered.com/app/795630/Movavi_Video_Suite_17__Video_Making_Software__Video_Editor_Video_Converter_Screen_Capture_and_more/
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    @Anak1m We use Mumble because it is better and easy to setup. Also Discord is prone to being hacked.
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    SANCTUARY OF WANDERHOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Sanctuary of Wanderhome? We are Sanctuary of Wanderhome, an organization founded on Sept 2nd 2003 in Star Wars Galaxies. To find out more about us: History Our Structure Why Join S.o.W.? Our Manifesto S.o.W. Guidelines Voice Comms Staff How do I join? We have developed the Membership Fast-Track which will easily guide you through the application process! Why don't you use the Discord Communication App? We have so many reasons it needed its own post. I like to stream and make YouTube videos, do you guys accept such members? Sanctuary of Wanderhome has since day one supported their members who choose to make creative content and assets for themselves or for S.o.W.! Today the organization has several members who has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade and these members are more than willing to help you out creating creative assets/content for your movies and streams! Assets such as for example: Animation, graphics, and sound/music. If my application was accepted, and I am now a member, can I invite my friends to Sanctuary of Wanderhome? Yes indeed you can. But they will have to go through the very same application process you went through. Simply tell them to jump on the Membership Fast-Track and buckle up! Do remind them to put you as the one who referred them to S.o.W. when they apply; it will help you get closer to earning achievements! Do you sell any merchandise? YES! However, our store is currently under construction, stay tuned for more information! Why do you have a "cross" in your logo? Created by our Creative Director, Astrus; We call our logo the "S-Star". The "cross" looking deal is actually a Star as you can see in the video below. Notice the enlarged "S" in the background of the star. The below video is copyrighted material. From what country are you guys from? Mostly we are from the american continent, however, but we've had members from all over the world during our years as a community. We welcome anyone to join Sanctuary of Wanderhome, as long as they agree to our organization guidelines. What games do you guys play? Star Citizen is where our focus lies. However, while we wait for the full game to be released we are playing games such as Starcraft 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, and even Minecraft. For more information click this link! How long will you guys be playing Star Citizen? We will be playing the game until the server(s) shuts down. We are here to stay! Do you guys ally with other organizations? Sanctuary of Wanderhome is always looking for new allies! Please create an account here on our website and get in contact with an Executive. They can be found by clicking here. How can I become an ace pilot in Star Citizen? As soon as you join Sanctuary of Wanderhome you will be provided with sufficient training courses all according to how skilled you currently are as a pilot. And thanks to the 'Verse's most extensive training program "Sanctuary of Wanderhome’s Space Bujutsu: The 1% Regiment"! you will achieve top 1% pilot, if you are up for the challenge! I’m in the military and get deployed all around the world, will this be a problem for me as a member of Sanctuary of Wanderhome? Since our earliest years we have had a great deal of members enlisted in the military. It has never been a problem in the past, nor will it be in the future. Do you guys have capital ships? Yes, Sanctuary of Wanderhome have all capital ships available as of 10/26/17, but the ship we are the most proud of in the collection is obviously the one YOU own.. Our goal is to get as many capital ships as possible with the help of our many dedicated and loyal members. I discovered you guys’ old logo with the “rebel S” from Star Wars, and I wonder why you decided to change from that logo to the current one…and will this happen again in the near future? That logo was made back in 2003, a long time ago, but now that we are fully focused on Star Citizen we've decided to rebrand Sanctuary of Wanderhome completely. Thus Astrus, our Creative Director and Founder, made us all entirely new branding which is calls "Sanctuary 2.0"! If you wish you can click this link and grab some cool desktop/phone backgrounds! Where can we donate to Sanctuary of Wanderhome? Right now we do not have any way of donating to Sanctuary of Wanderhome. Ingame however there will be ways to donate resources or currency which will help out S.o.W., and it will be appreciated! However, you cannot use the donation(s) to rank up faster or demand this and that to be done because you donated x amount to the organization. I like to write stories and fiction about my friends I play with, is this a profession you would be interested in having in Sanctuary of Wanderhome? From our early years we’ve had several members that has created fiction and stories about their characters and their lives in Sanctuary of Wanderhome. And yes, you are more than welcome to write stories about your experiences! A little piece of creativity never hurt anyone! Head on over to our Storytime: Star Citizen section of our forums and share YOUR stories! 😄 How long will it take for me to become a staff member in Sanctuary of Wanderhome? Our Staff is willing to do whatever it takes at any time of the day, to make sure that Sanctuary of Wanderhome is the one of the top organizations in Star Citizen. To climb ranks in S.o.W. first of all you have to be consistent and be willing to do whatever it takes to help build Sanctuary of Wanderhome. A good start is to acquire achievements starting with Statecraft Operations achievements. For more information please contact @Shawkorrr. Does Sanctuary of Wanderhome submit bug reports to the CIG Issues Council? Submitting a bug report while alpha/beta testing any game is highly advised. It makes the game development time quicker. We make sure our members are aware that the Issues Council exist and how they should use it to more efficiently help the development of the game. How old do I have to be in order to join S.o.W.? In order for you to join Sanctuary of Wanderhome you have to be above eighteen years of age. Do you meet up in real life? Like a yearly event or something? As a matter of fact, yes we do! As we get more members, the more events we will be hosting in Sanctuary of Wanderhome. Recently the leadership meet up in real life and had a great time eating, drinking and laughing! Our plan is to have big yearly events where as many members as possible meet up and enjoy each others company. I watched your videos regarding ranking and “choosing your destiny”, what organizational issues will I be able to vote on? Everything from out-of-game/ingame events, and other fun things, merchandise, and organizational assets. Stay tuned for further announcements! In what star system are you settling down in? Not enough information has been provided by CIG regarding what star system would be best suited for Sanctuary of Wanderhome. In time we will analyse the information released to the public and make our decision accordingly. But believe me when I say, we will aiming for the best territories in the ‘Verse! Events are something I really like doing in any game that I play, does Sanctuary of Wanderhome schedule events? Sanctuary of Wanderhome is always looking for opportunities to arrange fun and interesting events for its members. One of our most entertaining events created in the history of S.o.W. was the creation of the Dabo Dabo Dabo music video, and we made that, together, as a community! I have a suggestion for Sanctuary of Wanderhome, where do I submit my suggestion? Simply get in touch with any of the S.o.W. staff members and they will bring it up at the weekly leadership meeting. Do you rent out ships to your members? Eventually we will be able to rent out ships to our members. Why should I join the Mumble server? Mumble is our main way of communication. It is in mumble we will get to know you, and visa versa. While in space, maneuvering your ship, you will need both hands on your controllers so there will be little time for typing in chat. Do you accept religious people to Sanctuary of Wanderhome? We believe that all people are equal no matter what religion you may be a part of (except Scientology). Throughout the history of Sanctuary of Wanderhome we’ve had many religious members and it has never been a problem; unless it is breaking the laws of most countries or it promotes violence and terror. You guys seem to have a very rich history within warfare, is there room for players such as me which only like to mine/farm resources? Miners/farmers are the backbone of any organization, especially those who do warfare… Sanctuary of Wanderhome is first and foremost a Trade and Security organization, and we've always prided ourselves on being a place where our members feel welcomed, protected, rewarded, and stimulated to become the best they can possibly be. We believe in strengthening our members and being a place that helps our members excel in every endeavor they should choose. Whether you are a trader, miner, bounty hunter, salvager, marine, racer, medic, cargo hauler and so forth you will have a place to grow and THRIVE here at Sanctuary of Wanderhome. Are you guys using Spectrum? Sanctuary of Wanderhome operates out of our very own custom designed website which has been active since 2003, thus we encourage all of our members to share their content through our website and not on Spectrum. What is your policies regarding piracy? We have a strong focus on security and frown upon random acts of piracy against other players. Those who commit random acts of PVP piracy in the ‘Verse will be reprimanded and subsequently removed if repeated instances occur. There will however be fair targets which we will announce internally and, at our discretion publicly.