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    Hello all. I'm new to the community as well as to the game. I look forward to learning a lot and having some fun. See you all around in game.
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    Hi there my names Tyler and im 21 years old and I glad to accepted to this organization and will look forward to playing alongside each of you in the future, im fairly new to the game so forgive my ignorance about certain things about the game but im always looking to further my knowledge and im ready to begin my journey here
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    Hey guys. Thanks for accepting me into the organization. I'm looking forward to working with all of you in the future. I'm rather new to Star Citizen, but I've been enjoying it so far. Still trying to get over the learning curve, but games like these always take time so I'm not discouraged.
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    Thanks! @ShawkorrrI'll drop by the mumble in a little. @ExtonaSo far my favorite part of the 'Verse is the 'Verse itself. I spent a good half hour being a tourist last night and everything is breathtakingly beautiful. All the little details in the design of ships and planets also impressed me.
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    Hi Guys, With no ship trees provided by RSI at present in regards to what ships do what and their size etc, i googled and found a site that lists ships per category for a quick browse https://star-hangar.com/loneshades-ship-guide/ It is not a 'be-all & end-all' ship breakdown but at least is quickly identifies ships in a category your looking for to then do further research in crew/cost etc Regards Khonan
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    Hi All o7 I just joined from an invitation from Kakon, thank you! I am 38, married with 4 children, an Electrician and live in Melbourne, Australia. I have been playing games since my Amstrad pc in ~1988, where you could fit games on a 3.25inch floppy that loaded into the keyboard, haha!. I played FPSs and RPGs mainly until MMORPGs since EQ in 2000, moving through DAOC, EQ2, WoW, Vanguard, Conan, RIFT, Warhammer and EVE, most of my MMORPG time has been in EQ, WoW and EVE. I dont have the same time for games as i did but i love gaming, MMORPGs being my favourite as my precision and reaction time no longer makes me good at online FPS's, but always enjoy offline FPSs and being Frags in online FPSs, lol! I more-so enjoy helping others, typically im a healer in MMORPG settings, so at present i think ill try out the Medic line of gameplay, otherwise im a group team member in combat and harvesting, not typically being great at solo play as it leads to boredom. Im the type of player that likes to help, so i will do whatever is required for the greater good. Khonan1335
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    Hello! New guy here. Happy to have found this great online Star Citizen community. I'm hoping to have fun with the other members here. Whenever I'm taking a break from this particular interest, I'm usually found at home, feeding my Pomeranian his favorite dog treats and watching TV with my wife. Such a simple and noble life. Cheers, fellas!
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    Hey @Locrian6 welcome to sanctuary of wanderhome! hope to see you in mumble soon! Also, what is your favourite animal?
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    Hey @Locrian6! Welcome to S.o.W. !!! 😄 😄 Hop in mumble when you can 🤜🤛
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    Yes indeed @Feski the game sometimes just make your jaw drop. I still remember my first time seeing the outside of Port Olisar..... holy moly
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    Breaking news about upcoming releases and an inside look at cloud tech development in this week's update.
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    @Feski hello and welcome!
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    Welcome to Sanctuary of Wanderhome @Feski! Have checked out the 'Verse, what is your favourite place/thing in game so far?
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    Heeeeey, glad to have you here @Feski!!! Drop by mumble and say hello as well 😀
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    Hey, welcome to SoW! Come check us out in mumble and if you have any questions, you can always ask!
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    Welcome to the org! Glad to have you here!
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    Thank you @Montau for sharing 😛
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    Numbers are good, but they are nothing without skill, dedication and a fun loving org that promotes excellence. Good job everybody. o7
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    Join me in Tabletop Simulator for Poker Night at SoW. Where we don't play poker. Every week on Sunday, 4:30pm eastern standard time, I will be hosting a 1-2 hour long session of Tabletop Simulator! The games we will be playing will be for party sizes of 3-5 and their rules will be provided beforehand. We will have a small pool of prepared games to play from and the rules will be linked in here so you may be prepared but we will be going over the rules each session. If you wish to participate please post in this forum thread along side any questions or comments you may have! Once you are confirmed as going to be there your seat will be saved for you! These game sessions will be recorded that we can form highlight videos in the future. Current Games in our Roster. You do need to own the game Tabletop Simulator but you do not need to make any additional download. Game fit player size of 2-5. We will teach the game so do not worry about being new! Mechs Vs Minions (A CooP wave defense game where players will program their mechs for the turn to follow) Video Overview and link to PDFs here. Rules in game as well. Settlers of Catan (A competitive resource collection and expansion game). Rules In game as well. Sheriff of Nottingham (A social bluffing game where players have the option to bribe and smuggle goods against the current player who is sheriff) Current Players Attending: Kakon
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    ---------------- PHONE WALLPAPERS ----------------
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    @Shawkorrr maybe add some pictures to this to make it easier?
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    Great Post with a lot of good information. That was a good video, things we can all do reduce any negative auras we might have had.
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    Dang nice find !!! :D Ty for sharing!