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    Scarcity Mindset: The context of scarcity makes you myopic (exhibiting bias toward here and now). The mind is focused on present scarcity. We overvalue immediate benefits at the expense of future ones (e.g., procrastinate important things, such as medical checkups, or exercising). We only attend to urgent things and fail to make small investments even when future benefits can be substantial. To attend to the future requires cognitive resources, which scarcity depletes. We need cognitive resources to plan and to resist present temptations.
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    I'm Calling It Now. (ICIN) I really think they are going to try and sell some sort of housing this year during Citizencon and the Holiday Sale.
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host an episode that dives into the enhancements coming to cockpits. Plus, catch the first “Burndown” since the Evocati got there hands on 3.0.
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    This has been out for a while but if you haven't seen a video of a real fighter pilot dodging a missile, I suggest watching this on YouTube. I will never be able to complain about my HUD again out-loud. Warning there are a few F-bombs in this (understandably) so maybe don't play this if your kids or mom are watching. This is what a F16 looks like for those of us who get the planes confused
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    These cards were designed by @Astrus himself and came out perfectly. Will you be lucky enough to grab one of these from myself in person?
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    Hmm, considering the amount of focus they have put down in ground vehicles and FPS stuff I am not surprised if they did that. I will buy for sure!
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    I wonder if there ever will be a 10k post super duper achievement.... because I am getting closer and closer every day lol Grats to myself on achieving 8 800 posts !!!
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    I had to laugh at the part about how each designer moved a joystick over to suit their likes and then by the time the last designer has moved the stuff around in the cockpit it no longer matches the blueprint and the animations ended up being "off".
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    Damn, that's intense... an only imagine the adrenaline of that pilot.
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    Sanctuary of Wanderhome Executive SUMMIT 2017 7/18/2017 - 7/21/2017 We will be having our first annual Executive (Leadership) Summit on the above dates. This summit will be for our leadership to meet face to face and build team work and camaraderie amongst each other. Your Executives will be spending almost 14 hours together each day, having fun, and visiting venues that will enhance their ability to overcome organizational challenges, embrace and create change, as well as drive organization performance. Because when the leadership works well together they are more than likely to serve your community exceptionally. Most importantly we will be scouting areas in the Greater Seattle Area for a future S.O.W SUMMIT where all members will be invited and encouraged to come and have fun with your fellow Wanderhomies. We will be posting pics and videos of the event so stay tuned! Note: During this SUMMIT we will not be having Star Citizen training or any events during this time. EDITED: Added Videos of Summit to the thread. Click the top left of the above video to see the playlist of videos.
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    Adding to our 2017 overhaul of sanct-guild.com which is now www.sanctuaryofwanderhome.com we will be adding new features. Branch Division Groups with sub branches The current groups system does not have the breadth we need for future plans within SoW so we will be upgrading it to allow for better communication amongst all of our branches so that when its time to work together, we do it effortlessly. Tutorial System Here all of our branches will provide in depth information to our members to provide them the building blocks to create and hopefully one day teach us all! Achievement System Your efforts to make your organization prosperous should never be forgotten or unappreciated. There for we have been hard at work on SoW Achievement System. We will be rolling this out in the near future so stay tuned. ...and much more! Stay tuned! :D
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    Added videos of the summit to the top of this post. We hope this helps you guys to get to know us a little better and get excited for future meet-ups!!
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    PlanetSide 2 gamers set Most Players Online in a single FPS battle record http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2015/1/planetside-2-gamers-aiming-for-fps-battle-world-record-this-weekend-370414
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    Can I have your autograph? It looks siiiiiiiiiick woohoo!
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    Here is a video highlighting some humans who have put in the time and effort to simply get great as a simple task. Their speed leaves many people saying "I wish i could do that" when in all reality they could with some practice :)
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    I've got that StateCraft desktop as my background :D
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    I love avocados! And avocados are berries I just read today. Strawberries on the other hand are fruits but botanically don't meet the definition of berry. Next they will say Pluto is not a planet.
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    I must get a copy of this! Or 2.
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    This does not include any of my VINTAGE SoW Gear
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    Bring your bling! I have 6 pieces (3 shirts and 3 badges). Show us what you got!
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    Love the new additions to the desktops !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oh the clever editing!!!!!! LOLmao
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    In Star Citizen's galaxy they have the freedom to make up some pretty crazy planets and environments. As long as they can explain away the science we could be seeing a low gravity planet held together by magnets or even a hollow planet with the city on the inside pointed towards an energy/light source.
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    Updated post with first batch of custom made Animated Avatars! :D
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    To Install on Linux: sudo apt-get install mumble
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    Mumble Server Address: sanctuaryofwanderhome.cheapmumble.com Port: 2222 Password: wanderhomies CLICK HERE for Client Download and usage information. CLICK HERE for Android client on Google Play. Though we want this to be a place where people can freely say what they want, we don't want this place to become a hole for flame fests. Please handle your personal arguments outside of populated channels or take the argument entirely from the server. Keep it clean. Most of us are adults and can handle most forms of subject matter, but try and be respectful to those of us who get grossed out by 1000 fart jokes. You must be 15 years of age or older to hang out in the comms server. You may be in Mumble for an event if you are underage, if you are in a channel that is actively in a group with other members working to attain an in game goal or PVP'ing in a group or running and instance. Racist, sexist, and culturally prejudiced comments are obviously not allowed. During organization events ie: organization battles and call to arms, Mumble is to be kept clear of talking except for the leaders and anyone directly asking a question or giving status reports. This prevents channel clutter in an environment where concise communication is needed. This will help prevent confusion during the event; and will ensure that all commands and pertinent information are being heard clearly. Due to guideline #5 we do not allow any of the users on the S.o.W. forums or Voice Comms to advertise other organizations. Moderators are free to delete any posts/topics that contains such advertisement. Spreading other organization’s advertisement/propaganda/event information on our forums or voice comms can result in a ban without notice.
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    I've you have tried all the settings in Mumble but are still stupid-loud (or soft), you may want to take a look at "Manage Audio Devices" in Windows.
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    This is extremely awesome looking creative pieces of pure art right here Astrus :D A job well done, and I am looking forward to watching some, hopefully all, available as a lamp or something to put on the wall hehe Let the game begin! /salute /cheer /hi5
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    Hell ya, these all look really good. Can't wait to get my computer running and have em all ad my screensaver.
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