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  1. https://imgur.com/a/akYZ4 Found this little gem here for you Windows 10 users who want to record your games pro-actively, Shadowplay style.
  2. Sandi Gardiner and Josh Herman host this week’s episode of Around the Verse. This episode explores the upcoming mission system and includes another installment of “Burndown."
  3. Germans mad at 'bad' German

    LOL at this point I think they should keep (for the moment) the name and get the netcode fixed haha. Since we had that whole fiasco with removing the training, Im really keen to tell people who have aNY OTHER problem w/ the game, other than the netcode, to STFU. PRIORITIZE YOUR COMPLAINTS PPL!! /2cents
  4. Be sure to catch your breath before checking out this episode. Sandi Gardiner and Jeremiah Lee host and bring you an in-depth look at the new stamina system as well as another installment of “Burndown.”
  5. Change to Production Schedule layout

    Thank you for the update Yva. The doorlocks are the biggest issue for me outside of netcode at this stage in the development lol. Glad to see thats a priority for them.
  6. SancT Day - 2017

  7. Bugs

    https://github.com/BluSunrize/ImmersiveEngineering/issues/1671 Found some info here. Looks to be a mod issue. It doesn't break the functionality but it should be fixed in a future update. Id add to the github here so we can push this issue to the top to help the mod maker get this fixed.
  8. WHOA I remember you bud! You should hop into our mumble channel and have a chat with us man Id like to talk to you about old times etc! Its rare we get to see old peeps from Wanderhome!
  9. Around the Verse is on hiatus this week while we’re at Gamescom, but we still have a “Burndown” tracking our work on 3.0. Get updates on bugs currently affecting animations, retractable landing gear and more.
  10. Footage from day 1 of the Star Citizen booth on the Gamescom 2017 showfloor with Special Guest Brian Chambers and early Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 gameplay.
  11. Watch Mark Abent deal with a bug that broke most ships. See how adding a few lines of code to the flight controller can make all the difference.
  12. 3.0 super schedule

    I could barely read that. Luckily i saw the "full size" button in the top left after i clicked the pic
  13. NY Times Article on Star Citizen!

    Its funny how they took a overall negative outlook on the project while self-destrucing their own argument with the following: While the article cited kickstarter game failures, it didnt cite a failure that was started by someone who has had so much success in both the film and the gaming industry.