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  1. Posting for devin/voidus

    Geez. Was his wife and baby at home at the time?!
  2. Register to Vote...for DKP?????

    LOL. I am a card-carrying member of the Republican Party. I am surely going to vote in this election. Not quite sure if I'll vote for Lucky the Leprechaun, Cap'n Crunch, or Tony the Tiger yet, but we'll see...:P
  3. It is wonderful!!!

    QFE :H5:
  4. DNC Ralliers/Protestors chant: "F*** Fox News"

    I was referring to the country in general. Although...:P
  5. DNC Ralliers/Protestors chant: "F*** Fox News"

    Wow. You gotta love how this country deteriorates each year. :P
  6. I want more!

    I'll say that's fiction.... :rolleyes: I do know some of those names, <guild tags> and cities. ahh the memories.. SWG was a classy game.
  7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Update

    It's just a console game... /slap George Lucas
  8. Obamas VP

    ROFL I saw the McCain ad where McCain bashes Obama for not choosing Hilary...rofl
  9. SGW - Computer Requirements

    I recently upgraded the RAM on my main PC, only to discover the 2GB I thought I was running was only 2x 512's!! I acquired some 1 GB sticks from my wife's PC (shhhhhh....) and replaced the 2x512's with 3GB, reducing her PC RAM to 1GB in the process. I seem to run about 84 FPS with things turned up about 80% full....and yes I have the 64 bit processor, PCI-E, but only one card with no SLI going... I seriously doubt I will be upgrading this PC by SGW and to make matters worse, my financial situation is such, I wonder if I'll have the spare change to purchase this xpac when it arrives. *scrapes change together* ;)
  10. Router on the Fritz again

    Hit and miss at this point, after four hours of troubleshooting good times. :S I have another router, however getting the stupid link light for the WAN to light up once it's hooked up to the cable modem has been a real nightmare. I think I may have the solution, other than drinking heavily and kicking the cat (no, I don't have a cat, nor do the neighbors...) I thought about dusting off the family 12 gauge and going out for some Linksys RTP300 Skeet Shooting tomorrow. :P Seriously, I am working on it and will be able to log in again once I get this sorted out; I'm using a Macgyvered version of my old network atm, and though it's holding steady atm, it can fail at any ti-
  11. PvP

    Punching Horde as they begin eating... :ROFL: :ROFL:
  12. SancTuarY Intro Video

    I have some original music I do at home; if I knew how to send you a copy you could use that.. :D
  13. SancTuarY Intro Video

    ZOMG!! When the Shield slides in from the right and that chord strikes.....major goosebumps. Nicely done. Loved the rotating 5 year emblem at the end; very professional. You did the music too? That was pretty nice, Astrus.
  14. PVP Server of PVE Server?

    PvP Servers add a touch of reality to the game that a PVE server can never have; even with the SWG option of going Special Forces... There is always the "risk" of getting killed during gameplay, which makes the game more exciting and fun, imo. /salute
  15. it's a wonderful day....

    That's a NCO position, or does the USAF have "specialist ranks" like the USAR used to have back in the 80's? GRATS either way!! /salute