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  1. You were right about cleric astrus, shxt owns but for a raiding dps spec should I pick, druid, inquistor, and a healing spec all in one? Im a little confused on how this all works out lol.
  2. Benjamin Kaelin is here!!!

    Gratz Ed!!!!!!! :H5: :H5: :H5:
  3. Colin Alaric is here!!!!

    GRATZ!!!!!!!! :H5: :H5: :H5: :H5: :H5: :H5: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
  4. Astrus, you are old(er)......

    Happy B-day bro!! :H5: :H5: :H5: :H5: :dance: :dance:
  5. arassa!!

    Happy birthday! :H5: :H5: :H5: :dance: :dance:
  6. Paris Hilton been naughty

    LOL :lol:
  7. seriously grow up

  8. Who's birthday is it?

    Happy bday!
  9. owned........

    hahahaha sucks for him :lol:
  10. Today I....

    gratz bunky!!!! :H5: :H5: :H5:
  11. soe....

    Hahahaha figures :wrong:
  12. About me - who are you?

    ......hahahaha alrighty then :blink:
  13. h..h..h..happy birthday!

    Happy bday bro! :H5: :H5: :H5:
  14. SWG people

    Yes the money issue is true, but the one thing that makes me more mad about anything in swg is some of the people in it and soe. SOE mess's everything up anytime they "try" to fix it. Also the people, at least in wow if you kill somone you dont get hate tells. I mean i was bh'n the other day and i called alot of things, just for doing the bounty :mellow:. I even got them when I lost the bounty...