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  1. Which Sci-Fi to watch?

    Sci-Fi media is great because of its exercise of creativity within a stable system of rules. I like Star Wars less when the force is explained in a way that doesn't follow my perceived ruleset of it. Star Trek takes its set in place sciences and tries to work every issue or magical solution into those limits. If you consume a lot of creative material it can also inspire you to create new ideas and brainstorm logical working systems for games like Star Citizen!
  2. In Star Citizen's galaxy they have the freedom to make up some pretty crazy planets and environments. As long as they can explain away the science we could be seeing a low gravity planet held together by magnets or even a hollow planet with the city on the inside pointed towards an energy/light source.
  3. In another dimension...

    Daaaaa naaaaaaa na na naaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. City Building - in one click? o_O

    One button will setup you grid, put in the foundation, assign plots to pre-configured buildings, send out invites to civilians, establish a government, create new jobs, slowly corrupt the officials, increase the required spending to maintain a base quality of life, implement a loan system, take 'ownership' of the civilian's homes until they can pay it off, and finally create a stable ecosystem where people can never leave. Poor lesser npcs stuck on their pre-set routes and idle animations.
  5. The "What am i Looking at" Mod lets you toggle off the UI. You can check your options > Controls > Scroll down to Waila near the bottom to see what button you currently have it bound to
  6. Oh my, I'm wanting that 3.0 even more

    I'm wanna get my hands on that math. That sweet new math and numbers behind the ships and weapons... Also mah cutlass!
  7. Best Monitor for Star Citizen?

    How get 3 of them and get them to wrap around.
  8. Sounds like it is time to build some home defensives! Fences and lights to ward away the zombies
  9. I'll be pushing an update to which galactic version we'll be using. Expect technic to ask you to update soon :)
  10. Bugsmashers!- Turret Control

    Always love seeing the cutlass being used. Gonna see a lot more of that cutlass in the future
  11. SancT Day - 2017

    Merry Celebration of the earth's cycle around its sun in corispondense to the date on which Sanctuary was created
  12. Next concept ship 400USD

    So it was revealed this $400 ship was the 600i. It appears to be origin's version of a constellation, so i've compared to the two. Looks like this ship really only brings the luxury stat to the table for if you want to buy it. Interesting note is one pack includes an origin rover which we don't know much about. Constellation: More cargo space, ability to carry other vehicles, max 5 man crew, carries much more missiles 600i: Luxury status for missions/rep, higher dps with a specific loadout(given 2.6 knowledge), recommended 3 man crew
  13. Faceware Announcement

    Imagine going back to the first mmo you played and having a player's character talk to you and emote to you in real time!
  14. Gamescom 2017: Star Citizen Day 1

    They see me rollin in my rover all the time.Firing off the flak cannon like i'm ringing chimes. You're be blazing across the desert, i'll be blazing across you mind. Cause son, all of my ground skills have been aligned. You think you've got armor or speed on your side. You won't have either once you've died. Never hear it coming, surprised every time. Cause i'm firing off this flak cannon like i'm slinging rhymes.
  15. I want to go there! ....one day =-

    -"Sir there appears the planet is freezing over at an unexpected rate" Officer-"What was the cause?" -"Sir... the thermostat on the terraformer was accidentally set to Fahrenheit, the damage will be irreversible"
  16. Tumbril Cyclone

    Interesting ground vehicle the Tumbril Cyclone. In around the verse we heard it's suppose to be the middle ground between the rover as a tank and the Nox as a quick and fragile speed machine. While the hoverbikes have their grav lifts and boosters the Cyclone will use common wheels, which means it'll have a smaller IE signature. Here are a few interesting facts to take away from the Q&A and Around the verse. The base Cyclone has wheel equipped to go off road with four wheel drive and four wheel steering. The Anti Air Module will have 2 size2 or 4 size1 missiles. It also comes equipped with Chaff, Flares, Smoke Screen, and size 1 EMP counter measure. The Racing Module will have a 'nitros' boost according to Around the Verse The Recon Module can act as a 'beacon' to let ships fly into hazardous areas such as sand storms. Overall it seams like the cyclone will be a versatile vehicle that can take a few hits in combat. Should be an easy vehicle to farm up in the verse!
  17. Tumbril Cyclone

    Until you use up your 3 missiles and have to turn tail to run back to base ;)
  18. Next concept ship 400USD

    I hope it's not the void bomber. We don't need the community to own a large number of vanduul ships.
  19. Skallagrim is a youtube channel that has been studying martial art manuals, getting hands on experience in martial arts, and reviewing weapons. Most of his experience is based around swordplay but takes knowledge from multiple eras. In a recent video his person laid out their personal journey so far with what it has been like to practice in dedicating themselves to getting good at this combat. What's really interesting to me was the steps in which he took from just playing around with a friend to now comparing himself to the Historical European Martial Arts community (HEMA). Breaking it down we have two unskilled fighters who don't help each other get better because they don't know what they're doing. After picking up manuals and technique there is purpose to the fights but without an instructor his growth was very limited with large improvements needed on footwork and posture. When putting in time in with instructors and then practicing with people vastly more experienced his default is to go defensive because he is having trouble keeping up with the opponent's speed, which turns into reviewing the footage and noticing his mistakes of not having follow up attacks, pressing an attack, and making unnecessary movements. Check out this video for one person's 3 year long journey to becoming an intermediately skilled fighter and acknowledging both his growth and the skill gap to becoming an expert. I post this in the Star Citizen chat to remind us all that flying a ship is like a martial art. Self reflect on your progress, as for right now, you are not as good as you're going to be if you take your practice seriously.
  20. SoW's minecraft server will be down for updates from 3:30pm eastern to 4:30pm eastern.
  21. Any idea why it messed up in the first place?
  22. Wazze 0 Death Pirate