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  1. Sounds like a report a certain Johvar would send to his superiors. Your work is appreciated as always sir. May the force give you strength.
  2. Yva Solos Pirate Swarm

    Wooh nice one!
  3. Old Vanderval THRILLER Duel, 21:9

    Oh interesting, thx for the share Shaw. Helps me get better at racing. ^^
  4. PU Timeline for Star Citizen 2017

    May 2018 for my Carrack
  5. Tag You're it!

    What is this madness?! @Shawkorrr
  6. First Vanduul Swarm Down

    Nice one! Grats dude.
  7. What music are you listening to right now?

    This song has been in my head for about a week, the intro at least.
  8. 1080TI finally announced

    Need a new card and more ships... maybe if I only eat bread and drink tap water for a year...
  9. The Three Word Star Citizen Story

    the place where
  10. Ships to consider for new players

    And now that the Buccaneer is here, that's probably a good "cheaper" option as well. Teach us Kakon-sensei.
  11. Anybody keeping up on the lore?

    I've been reading up on the lore, as I do with most games I play and I like it so far. It's nothing special or anything but the main reason it's good is that it actually seems feasible. It's all well thought out and realistic. It makes sense how certain events are connected to each other and so far haven't really noticed any inconsistencies (even though they have multiple writers). What I don't like is that the lore is kind off all over the place on their website and pretty hard to get into, because they've been releasing it in bits and not necessarily in chronological order or anything. The timeline website helps sort it out though but I think it hasn't been updated in a while.
  12. Star Citizen: The Numbers

    That's impressive, I didn't know the stats were this insane compared to other games.
  13. Found a neat website with a timeline of the Universe Lore if you're interested, been reading some stuff. Citizen History