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  • 27 March 2019 11:00 PM      01:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday forever

    EU Members: For our EU members who would like to participate in Space Bujutsu on Mon, Wed or Fri 's; it starts at 12am UTC/GMT the next day.
    We are the purveyors and creators of the Space Bujutsu Training regiment!
    Accept no Imitations!
    Join us to challenge yourself, learn and explore the many different fighting styles and methods that you will need to survive and thrive in the 'verse!
    Though our Space Bujutsu is for Full Members Only, we have had plenty of non-members to come in and briefly try us out!
    Who is Space Bujutsu for?
    Space Bujutsu, in the FIRST STAGE, is for all of our members; to learn how to control and operate their ships on a foundational level.
    However LATER STAGES of Space Bujutsu may not be for everyone. Let us explain.
    Know this is a place where everyone's goal is to repeatedly sharpen each other so we may all continue to improve as . The LATER STAGES take a serious approach to each subject/problem/solution and do not jokingly shrug off something we do not like/cannot do/have not solved. In this  environment we encourage you to have discussions with your allies and ask questions. The later stages of Space Bujutsu isn't for everyone, but there is no reason you should not aim to be better. Here is the attitude and the type of person who will enjoy the LATER STAGES of Space Bujutsu.
    The Attitude
    Determined. Self Driven. Persuaded by Logic and facts over feelings. Compelled to excellence, in the face of supposed overwhelming adversity. Unmoved, and compelled to excellence, in the face of justified and constructive criticism. Delighted to see progress in the fellow warriors you've helped sharpen. Respectful toward your fellow trainees/trainers. Dedicated. The Type
    Analytical. Unafraid of reading academic literature. Someone who understands that life is full of glass ceilings, meant to be broken.. Consistent. Has, or desires, the ability to read opponents and adjust appropriately to consistently secure victory. Someone who understands that true wisdom comes from an understanding that you know “nothing” at all. There is always a better way lurking in the shadows, waiting to be found. A person who can see his/her own progress and plays with the goal to improve. We do not celebrate in victory, what we would chastise in defeat.
    Practice to strive for progress = perfection.
    NOTE: If you would like to schedule other times for training please contact @Kakon or @Astrus !

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