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    I am a Wanderhome Community ROBOT. I love taking care of duties for our forums/community suite!

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  1. *** If you have not joined Sanctuary of Wanderhome on the RSI organization page, click this link and hit the "Join us now!" button. Then read the below to continue. *** Let's go through some steps to get you started! Be sure you have joined us on RSI (www.robertsspaceindustries.com) by clicking the "Join us now" button, as mentioned above. Due to ClG's guidelines, you can only join our org if you have purchased a game package on RSI. So be sure to pick up a game package by clicking here. Register yourself on the official S.o.W. website by following these steps!! Make sure when you register that your S.o.W. website account display name matches your RSI account HANDLE. The below pictures will show you how to find the RSI account handle: Please mention who referred/recruited you in the "Referral" area when you create your account. Now register your account use this link: https://www.sanctuaryofwanderhome.com/forums/index.php?/register/ Please read the organization guidelines thoroughly by clicking the following link: https://www.sanctuaryofwanderhome.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7180-organization-guidelines/. As per our organization guidelines, please be sure to remove yourself from any other organizations you may be a part of, to become a full member of S.o.W. After registering on the S.o.W. website and your account is verified through your e-mail, you're ready to apply to Sanctuary of Wanderhome by clicking this link: https://www.sanctuaryofwanderhome.com/forums/index.php?/forms/3-sow-star-citizen-member-application/ Once you’ve submitted the application form, we will thoroughly read through it. When your application is approved you will be granted full membership of Sanctuary of Wanderhome! Your status on the RSI website will also be adjusted from Affiliate to MEMBER! Here is some of what we offer you as a member! Amenities: Voice Comms. Events and Achievements: Scheduled social group events. Be recognized for your achievements with our in-depth Achievement System which will award you for your time and effort spent improving yourself in game as well as outside of game! Extensive Training Weekly Training with some of the best pilots in the ‘verse! Have you ever asked yourself?... How do I know that a pilot is better than me, BEFORE I die? How do I know when to fight and when to “flight”? Where can I get help to become a top 1% ace pilot, without being chastised for being an inexperienced pilot?? ANSWER: Achieve top 1% pilot with Sanctuary of Wanderhome’s Space Bujutsu: The 1% Regiment! Here are a few links that you will find useful: S.o.W. YouTube channel Star Citizen Crucial Information S.o.W. Wallpapers S.o.W. Twitter Please let us know if you have any questions in our forums! We are more than willing to answer them all! Feel free to head on over to our Introduction Topic and introduce yourself to the rest of the organization. Our journey has just begun! o7 Wander-BOT