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SancTuarY: The History of our guild.

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Written by Shawkorrr, Co-written by Astrus




The Beginning and the Collapse:


“SancTuarY” was started by Astrus after recieveing advice from a lot of the people he'd helped level up in Star Wars Galaxies on the Wanderhome Server.


The guild was essentially made to be a safe haven for new Rebellion faction members, and a place to be an extenstion of what Astrus was doing in game, which was essentially helping everyone he could.


But helping so many people took a toll on Astrus, and as he began to try and teach his members to fend for themselves he realized that his help was being taken for granted.


QUOTE(The below is taken from the original “SancTuarY History” page from our old site.)SancTuarY was first founded as a sector of the Alliance movement on Naboo which catered to the homeless and the needy. SancTuarY was a prosperous organization that eventually grew and branched out in its duties to become an attack force whose main focus was to stagger Imperial Activities in the City of Theed and Moeina while keeping a Secret Base of Operations for Wounded Rebels.

SancTuarY flourished but in its success the needy turned into the greedy, taking advantage of free resources provided by the organization. Seeing this as a definitive open wound w/ the organization, Astrus decided to Teach the members of SancTuarY to fend for themselves rather than Rely on the maintenance of himself. To the dismay of Astrus and the loyal supporters of SancT, 90% of the Organization turned on him and his ideals to make SancTuarY a place full of self-sufficient members.

The SancTuarY Organization eventually dwindled leaving only most dedicated, Astrus and the Zabrak Jedi Veto Rye. With only themselves to take care of, Astrus and Veto began to notice that they were extraordinarily Self-Sufficient. The small operations that SancTuarY did for the rebellion, after its massive personnel loses, were extremely efficient...even more so than they were when SancTuarY had more members within its ranks.

Veto Rye and Astrus were well respected on Wanderhome due to their soloing exploits and list of server first accomplishments. The guild dwindled so, that they were the only ones left in late 2004.




Destroy and Rebuild:


2005 is the year where SancTuarY, [sancT], healed its wounds and started growing into the community it has become.


It started with a Wookiee called Shawkorrr, which spent three months trying to get accepted to SancTuarY.


The leaders of SancTuarY at the time were a Wookiee called Astrus, and a Zabrak Jedi called Veto Rye whom of which helped Shawkorrr in many ways since he started playing the game. Shawkorrr felt he had to be part of this guild.


At the time SancT Guild had only two active members, Veto and Astrus, due to the fall of the guild in 2004. Astrus and Veto both lived their SWG lives by themselves north of Theed, Naboo, learning how to solo things that most people needed a 12+ man group to do.


After three months of constant asking to join, Shawkorrr was accepted in the guild.


After he joined he bothered Astrus for a few months upon the subject of recruiting more members to the guild. Astrus and Veto were just fine w/ SancTuarY the way it was; 2 members doing extraordinary things w/in the game.


After awhile Astrus saw that Shawkorrr really wanted to help build the guild up into something beyond its original scope, so Astrus OK'd Shawkorrr's request to recruit new members into the guild.


Shawkorrr who already had a very personable character and demeanor started recruiting people he knew in game. Little did Astrus know Shawkorrr had dozens of friends, all of which wanted a guild home. Shawkorrr ended up starting one of the largest recruitment structures ever seen on Wanderhome.


Often Shawkorrr would accept more then five new members each day. Some members complained that they felt like “another one of the new members”, never understanding what Shawkorrr was doing with his recruiting. Shawkorrr never complained...he instead used ingenuity to build the things that he wanted SancTuarY to be, and totally understood the community that Astrus and Veto wanted SancTuarY to be. And by working together with Astrus and Veto, they were able to gather an awesome community together of like-minded individuals who just wanted to have fun in-game.


Long time members such as Bunky, Ikeek, Zhiv, Squirel-Masta-0 were added to the guild during the first couple of months of recruiting, and they are still active members in the SancTuarY community.


On April 2nd 2005 the SancTuarY Website was launched by Astrus, since then the forums has been the main way for SancTuarY members to communicate with each other by topics, posts or private messages. The forum have had over 1 300 registered users and 37 000 posts so far. Roughly twenty days after the forum was created, our first guild web-site and picture gallery was up and running. Again, it was all thanks to Astrus’ creativity and awesome design. Still to this day we hear how awesome our old Star Wars theme web-site looks, even from World or Warcraft players.


The SancT Crafting Corporation (SCC) was founded on May 13th, 2005 by many of the guild’s crafters that had vendors they sold a huge variety of items from droids to resources. The SCC crafters were soon to build their own mall….


In mid-may 2005, Veto and Astrus head out in the vast galaxy to find a new home for SancTuarY Guild. Since the guild had grown into one of the most active guilds on the server it was time the members invested in their own city.


On may 30th they informed the guild that they had found the perfect location for our guilds city and it was time to pack up and head to the location for the Planet Talus.


A city hall was placed and Veto and Astrus helped the guildies place their homes according to the city layout. SancTuarY City was a city for guildmembers only. The city would in the future become a great place where Jedi could hide from bounty hunters if needed be. They would simply contact SancTuarY’s leadership and have their names added to the access lists to the cantina, medical facility, and guild hall. Many Rebel Jedi lives were made safe and secure thanks to SancTuarY City.


In order for SancTuarY City to survive it required a huge amount of credits for the maintenance on all the buildings. Thus the SancTuarY Guild decided to run missions to acquire the credits needed. The entire guild split into several groups and started running missions out of SancT City, collecting tens of millions of credits for our city. Our city was funded for many, many years after that and to this day is still standing strong on Wanderhome server.


Honours Keep, our Second City on Dantooine. At one point, a whole city was given to SancTuarY, by Zhiv Otnoya; now a longtime member of SancTuarY, so we could use that as another hideout/base for our members.


There were many people in the galaxy that needed space asteroid resources at the time, so S.A.R.A. (SancT Asteroidial Resources Acquisition.) was formed May 27th 2005 by a group of SancT members. S.A.R.A. was a business that focused on selling space resources to shipcrafters. The employees of S.A.R.A. were out in deep space mining with their spaceships whenever a huge resource order came in. S.A.R.A. was well known on Wanderhome and the employees earned a lot of credits during the time it was active. During the S.A.R.A. time Astrus designed a logo, and Shawkorrr made a commercial to post on the official Wanderhome Trade Forums.


June 20th 2005, the shuttleport was up and SancTuarY City was on the map! The shuttleport soon became one of the most important strategic shuttleports for the Rebellion on Talus.


Imperials and their bounty hunters would come through the shuttleport, which was the closest shuttleport to all the Rebel faction bases in the east, only finding themselves becoming banned from the city and effectively stranded in the middle of nowhere, or killed.. Many Imperials became frustrated and verbal when being banned from SancTuarY City; it made everything much harder for them.


The Base Wars:


During our prosperity our guild underwent some of the most abusive attacks known on any server in Star Wars Galaxies.


Due to the respect we were getting from our peers and the prosperity of our city and economic endeavours, we got attention from the more abrasive members of the opposing faction.


Where most other Rebel guilds folded under the bullying of the Imperial PvP guilds, SancTuarY stood up to the Imperial PvP guilds and let it be known that we would not be bullied by anyone.


From July through November of 2005 the Rebellion faction, lead by Astrus of SancTuarY and Kiren of the Wanderhome guild “FIRM” launched an all out attack on all Imperial guilds on Wanderhome server.


Astrus (aka Apathy) led most head on PvP battles while Kiren headed up Imperial base destruction missions along side Shawkorrr and many other guilds and respective faction members.


After 4 months of constant battles and even one battle that lasted 48 straight hours to defend SancTuarY City, SancTuarY and the members of the Rebellion faction deemed themselves the victor after a well drawn out plan led to the disbanding of the top Imperial guild on the server.


The exploits of the base wars was an awesome event for everyone involved. One of the imperials, a firey enemy of SancTuarY, Soelle, even went so far as to write a book about the Base Wars. Here is an excerpt from that book, which has yet to be fully released in any format.


“This has to be one of the coolest things I've ever done in any game. “ - Yva Xorna, refering to the final battle of the Wanderhome Base Wars.




On November 15th 2005 the New Game Enchancements (abbreviated as NGE) was implemented in Star Wars Galaxies and the game engine was changed by over 80% and effectively changed the best MMO ever made into a World of Warcraft clone.


Pre-NGE you would have had to work for a minimum of six months of hardcore grinding to become a Jedi Padawan….after the NGE came, you became a Jedi Padawan when you started playing the game; they made it into a starter class. Imagine working very hard for over six months to become a Jedi, and all of a sudden you saw new players come in and get Jedi status with a simple click.


Hundreds of thousands of SWG players quit over following weeks. The great game had been ruined.


SancTuarY took a massive hit when the NGE was launched. We were crafters and Jedi which meant most, if not all, felt Sony Online Entertainment had betrayed them.


The game we'd loved for so long was taken from us, and this lead to most SancTuarY members leaving SWG, and a very dark era for our guild had begun.


For over a year the remaining members tried to do their best to uphold the guild and its city. They witnessed most of their friends leaving the game, other well established player cities became ghost towns. SOE made it clear that they did not care for their customers any longer; they also showed that what they cared 100% about was the money.


We started searching for a new game to play with eachother in hopes on finding a game where developers werent so blatantly disrespectful to their customers.




The Migration:


On Jun 2nd 2006 SancTuarY got their own ventrilo server, to commuicate with.


Around June 11th Shawkorrr and Astrus worked on the video “Tribute” as an ode to SancTuarY's time in SWG.


The “Tribute” Video was featured on the frontpage of the Warcry Networks site.


On September 4th 2006 a handful of SancTuarY members moved over to World of Warcraft on the Illidan to check if this was a place the guild could call their new home.


In the beginning we formed the guild “Guardians of the Spoon” which was pretty ill thought out due to the fact that we didnt think we would migrate to WoW in the first place.


After two weeks we decided to make a poll on the SancT Forums what their guild name should be; “SancTuarY of Wanderhome” or “Guardians of the Spoon”? The poll result showed that the guild name from now on would be “SancTuarY of Wanderhome”.


Some of the SancT SWG members, that had left SWG before we migrated to WoW, heard that SancT moved on to WoW they bought WoW and came to WoW to play with good friends. We then started on our quest to rebuild SancTuarY, to its former glory, in a different game.




While only having 4 level 60's in the guild and over 80 other members below level 60, Blizzard released The Burning Crusade on top of SancTuarY furthering the gap between our guild and the other established guilds on Illidan server.


After working hard to build up SancTuarY and get everyone to the 70 level cap that the Burning Crusade provided us, SancTuarY voted to focus our efforts on end game progression in WoW.


We then made a forum to organize our WoW end game efforts alongside a DKP program to help encourage attendance and fair distribution of game items.





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<< 2008 - 2010 >>





SancTuarY of Wanderhome started progressing through Karazhan and Zul'Aman on a weekly basis, running three successful guild groups each week. Some months later they started farming 25mans like Gruul's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, and The Eye. The guild even proved that

in raids .... something alooooot of people refused to accept!


It's in the 25mans where the guild first felt the true pressure to perform in raids; guild after guild tried to stop SancTuarY of Wanderhome's progression by ventrilo bombardment, raid infiltration and sabotage. Thankfully the guild had officers that knew what they were doing and they managed to stop any attack quickly before it ruined the day. Other guilds would have crumbled under the pressure, but SancTuarY of Wanderhome prevailed! We did our raids with great success and on top of that we had something that was nearly impossible to have in World of Lootcraft; a gaming community! The guild flourished and soon became the most successful and sought after community focused raiding guild on the Illidan server. Many were jealous that we never crumbled, never surrended, never gave up proving people wrong on a daily basis.


SancTuarY of Wanderhome could PvE very well, but there was one thing they really knew how to do, and that was "poaning nublets" in PvP! SancTuarY of Wanderhome, as in Star Wars Galaxies, became the most hated and feared guild by the opposite faction simply because they knew how to stand up against the Horde that was outnumbering the Alliance something fierce! On a weekly basis SancTuarY of Wanderhome would ride out to destroy the Horde's fun, wiping whole maps of unsuspected Horde players...even when the Horde organized with a huge amount of players they were slaughtered. Nobody had ever stood up against the Horde like SancTuarY of Wanderhome did...and they really hated that their years of /lol was now over! The Horde also went through the trouble of infiltrating the guild on Alliance side, only to be discovered the same day they joined! SancTuarY of Wanderhome learned alot from being in the Base Wars in Star Wars Galaxies! Just to rub it in, Astrus made a couple of movies of SancTuarY of Wanderhome slaughtering Horde making them

, which was actually the truth! One of the most famous SoW PvP videos was the "
" video, and it became so popular that people on Alliance and Horde would yell "RAISE UP WANDERHOMIES!" when they saw a SoW member! Awesome stuff right there!


When Wrath of the Lich King was released, the guild kept progressing through the newly released 10man and 25man raids, and after some hard work SancTuarY of Wanderhome had every single raid that Wrath of the Lich King had to offer on farm; Naxxramas, Vault of Archavon, Obsidian Sanctum, The Eye of Eternity, Ulduar, Crusaders' Coliseum, Onyxia Lair, and Icecrown Citadel.


After a couple of months, Blizzard made it even clearer that World of Warcraft was all about the loot ... players were spoon-fed gear, literally, and people would show their true faces once they got all the gear they needed. Loyalty to a guild meant nothing to 90% of the players on Illidan server, and players would /gquit with no good reason. Later they would find out what they had done was a big mistake when everybody else got the same gear and they were no longer special because of their "awesome and unique" purples.


This is when the leadership of SancTuarY of Wanderhome knew they had to get out of World of Warcraft, the game had become a poison for the community! In order for it to survive they had to find a new home. Months went by, no other game was worth moving to, and they had to remain in World of Warcraft for the time being, progressing through content that was too easy, at least for the leadership, and watch friend after friend getting corrupted by purple gear that meant nothing compared to a solid friendship that had lasted for years. Sometimes the leadership felt like Obi-Wan when he had chopped off Anakin's arm and legs; "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!"...it was like being stabbed in the heart with a dagger on a weekly basis.


It was late december 2009 when Kakon saved Christmas, and the leadership of SancTuarY of Wanderhome found out that Star Trek Online was scheduled to be released in February 2010. Astrus and Shawkorrr quickly contacted all their admins first to see if they were interested in going over and continue to build the community in that new game. They ALL agreed this had to be done in order for the guild to survive. Most of the members also agreed to move because they were fed up of World of Warcraft. Scouts were sent to make sure this was a solid game to move to, and they soon realized that this game had great potential for the future, so they started preparing the guild to move over.


was made by Astrus, and we moved over to our new home.


To read more about the reasons why we moved over to Star Trek Online please read the We Choose Community: Goodbye World of Lootcraft topic.







Hopefully this overview of our guilds history will help people to understand the lineage of our guild and help our more senior members remember the good times. :)


We will keep the history updated as often as we can. :)

Edited by Astrus

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guardians of the spoon: ill thought out?! more like illest guild name ever! SancT members disappoint once again tongue.gif




*starts slow clap*

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Although I missed out on much as a SWG character due to the fact that I was nothing more than a droid crafter, it's still nice the be recognized as a long-time member of SancTuarY.


My story as it was, I was the defacto leader of a dwindling guild called "Strength and Honour", hence the name of our city "Honour's Keep". Most of my previous guild moved on to WoW shortly after it hit the market (Pre BC). But I and a few others chose to stick around and 'rough' it out. It became apparent that we all missed the 'busy guild chat' and decided to join a bigger guild.


At the time, there weren't many prospects, but when the offer was made to join SancTuarY, I felt that it was a good fit for our rag-tag bunch of thugs, crafters, and rebels.


And the rest, is as they say, history!

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I was only a member of this guild for two short months before I jumped to WoW, but in that time, I've got to say, SancT has the most mature players I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Keep the tradition strong in WoW, my brothers, and maybe I'll join you...yeah, we all know how that story ends. How many comebacks have I promised? I'm like the Terry Funk of SancT...

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The second post in this topic has been made visible again and I've added the latest version of our guild's history, please read it :) it will be worth your time!

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Up we go!

If you are a new member to the fleet, this topic right here, can give you a good read :)

Enjoy and looking forward hearing any feedback.

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