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  1. Confidence vs. Arrogance

    That's a good graphic.
  2. Table Top Gaming Night #1

    We did the first in hopefully what is a series of Table Top games Sunday. Kakon, Yuri, Yva and Kakon's friend Bill were present. Game 1: Tsuro: Yuri won. Game 2: King of Tokyo: Kakon won. Please join us next Sunday afternoon. More details to follow.
  3. 10k post achievement?

    There's probably an achievement for coming up with new achievements.
  4. ATV: Cockpits: Enhancing the Experience

    I had to laugh at the part about how each designer moved a joystick over to suit their likes and then by the time the last designer has moved the stuff around in the cockpit it no longer matches the blueprint and the animations ended up being "off".
  5. This has been out for a while but if you haven't seen a video of a real fighter pilot dodging a missile, I suggest watching this on YouTube. I will never be able to complain about my HUD again out-loud. Warning there are a few F-bombs in this (understandably) so maybe don't play this if your kids or mom are watching. This is what a F16 looks like for those of us who get the planes confused
  6. Ok that is impressive! Now if we can just get RSI to use that sort of setup.
  7. SoW blendoman official business cards!

    They look awesome!
  8. How to make vegetarians love SC

    I love avocados! And avocados are berries I just read today. Strawberries on the other hand are fruits but botanically don't meet the definition of berry. Next they will say Pluto is not a planet.
  9. Loss of words

    Yeah, I saw that earlier. I know...right? lol
  10. Star Citizen: PC Gamer

    I must get a copy of this! Or 2.
  11. Bring Your Bling!

    Bring your bling! I have 6 pieces (3 shirts and 3 badges). Show us what you got!
  12. This got me laughing hard !!! xD

    Oh don't make me cry by reminding me. That film literally changed my life as it was the first time I experienced robots and space and space ships.
  13. This got me laughing hard !!! xD

    lol all my childhood favorites got either watered down or re-done.
  14. This got me laughing hard !!! xD

    omg yes the Gimli laugh kept making me rotf