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  1. Nuclear treaty signed

    "[F]or the eight years I was president, I never let my dream of a nuclear-free world (except the USA) fade from my mind." - Ronald Reagan
  2. Take your time and read these. Im not sure if there 100% accurate, however i bet its 98% true! http://www.cracked.com/article_16852_5-gov...rrifically.html
  3. Garbage Disposal Humans

    We want the public option. If we have the Federal Government only option we will financial ruin this country. We cannot have the same people (not Dems or GOP but FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) that ran Fannie Mae, Social Security, and Medicare (the biggest, most broken, and bolted government program ever) Sorry I hijacked the post! IN OTHER NEWS: http://www.cracked.com/article_16852_5-gov...rrifically.html
  4. montau cheaterz

    To Do List 1) Go to the grocery store 2) Pick up Kids from School 3) Register Car 4) Wash Car 5) Sweep the Driveway 6) Take out the Trash Like Mont i think im gunna use the website as my personal referencing list of stuff! Ill just use my Iphone when im out to check my To Do List! =) Just foolen with you Mont!

    My grandpa drove his Fjord F150 through his living room once... they do fit!
  6. Jealous

    some games have it some don't... the next ATI driver upgrade for catalysis control center is supposed to have the ability to adjust for bezels.
  7. Jealous

    well i have 3 x 22" acer monitors... there cheepies ($100) each but only do 1680x1050 HOWEVER, I am running a i7-920 /// 12gigs (overkill) 1333mhz ram /// radeon HD 5970 2gig ram (this card is really two 5870s on the same card) the 5970 allows me to run "eyefinity" == 3 monitors as one monitor running 5040x1050 resolution.... When playing games the bezels kinda interfere but as you play more your mind just kinda makes your eyes not notice them anymore!
  8. Screen Shots

    it's almost cheating! When you are flying around an enemy you never loose sight of them. In 1st person shooters you get a huge field of vision increase.
  9. Devin/Voidus

    He is doing good. He quit MMOs to get some RL stuff straitened out.
  10. An Interview with R.A. Salvatore

    OMG!!! That is a player after my own heart! I have ready every one of RAS book, however, i never realized that he played MMOs. I also had my best moments in EQ and i also had a wizard. A female priest named Rheanna was hunting the Ancient Cyclops and we hunted together for two weeks.... We both got our J-boots and i have kept in contact with her and her husband for the last 12 years after the beginning of that friendship. I realy hope RAS somehow channels his EQ experience in his new game... that was the most prolific MMO experiences.
  11. Screen Shots

    Here are a few 5040x1050 ATI HD 5870 eyefinity (read triple monitor) shots
  12. Welcome: Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, Im a 33 year old air traffic controller for the USAF stationed in Germany. Ive been in SancT for about 3 years now. As far as games.... Started Pen and Paper D&D.... then my dad got our first computer... TANDY with two floppy drives (no hard drive) where I spent many moons playing Sierra games (police quest, kings quest, space quest) and such.... My MMORPGs started with Ultima Online until I got in the beta for EverQuest. Been playing MMORPGs ever since! After EverQuest i was fortunate enough to get in the beta for WoW got bored a few times, Now im here. I AM HAPPY TO SEE ALL THE EURO PLAYERS!!!! WOOT it wont me just me, Shaw, kakon, and Astrus online during the Euro prime time!
  13. Jealous

    OK im downloading the patch for STO... should be playing tomorrow after work! Please forgive the picture quality (i took it with my iphone) Thanks Astrus for the LEET image for my background!!
  14. Jealous

    Jealous!! Stop playing and wait for me!!!! Just kidding. i got about 4 buddies at work playing, all you guys are playing, and i have a 6 year old computer.... Just a few more days hopefully until my Alienware arrives! BTW dont bag me for getting a Dell! The financed it for me a month ago so i could play STO.... Its already paid off but its not here yet! The fking box weight over 70lbs! Ill take pictures of my 3 monitor Eyefinity set up!!! GoGo ATI 5970!!