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    Thanks for excepting me. Toon name: Ugad I am Trevor an oil and gas electrician in Oklahoma. I am married with kids (limited play time). I love space and space based games. i am a complete noob at this game but look forward to learning it. I played SWG from beta to about 2009 when my last child was born. I remember SancT but cant remember if i was being recruited, was allies, or was a member cuz it was too long ago.
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    "Join Chris Roberts on stage at the Long Center as we kick off CitizenCon 2948 in style."
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    I got it now. I am stupid i couldnt get my bottom picture to scale correctly so it was throwing everything off thanks
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    You are building quite the collection.
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    FINALLY i got mumble to work. it was the easist thing. just have to go to advanced settings - Netowrk - and change the connection to a direct connection!
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    Josh Coons and Stephen Hosmer take us on a guided tour of the newly revamped Constellation Phoenix, coming to Star Citizen in the upcoming Alpha 3.3.
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    Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU.
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    It turned out nice 🙂
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    lookin good, lookin good 🙂
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    getting a little ahead of me now. still have a lot to read about the game. any suggestions or areas of info?
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    Argentis Janni Ugad
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    @Ugad Welcome fellow wanderhomie! 😄 😄
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    Hello & welcome. Or re-welcome if you think you might have been here before.
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    Welcome to the org! Good to have a SWG veteran in here. What was your name on Wanderhome server?
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    Toon:Silas RL Name:Chris Country:Germany Age:29 Occupation:Bridgetroll, Traffic Security Married:Nope Hobbies:Gaming, Concerts/ Festivals, Drawing and Creative Arts Favorite Food:Burger, Pizza, Sushi Favorite Drink:Coffee Likes: To much to tell
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    @staho epoch !!!!!!!!
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    AI has scared me since 2001 when I first got wind of it. The idea of an intelligent machine that could become conscious is something I've thought about far too much.
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    Happy birthday Sanctuary of Wanderhome! Wishing the organization a fantastic day! 😄
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    Congrats on another year and to many more to come!
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    A couple of new members have asked about the Space Bujutsu practice schedule. Currently there is a Monday, Wednesday and Friday practice geared towards those in Eastern USA time zones. There is a Tuesday and Thursday practice intended to be convenient for EU time. Also, there is a Saturday practice which is slightly less formal for folks who have trouble making the others. We pride ourselves on having lots of options but you can choose the one that works for you. You will find most of these and more included on the calendar. Please note it automatically converts the time to your current time zone. Feel free to inquire in Mumble if you would like more information on this topic.