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    Hey thanks for the invite, I am UREROLL the newer and super sexy, slightly overweight, space trucker that we didn't know we needed! I am 38 and looking forward for some good time, not much into combat tbh ( xbox controller while in the ship... yea, lets not talk about it) I got the game mostly to take inspiration from the 3d art but I must say I got hooked up nicely! If you see me staring at a door frame for 10 minutes I am not actually high on widow, I am probably checking out the parallax occlusion. happy holidays P. S. What voice comm do we use again? I love discord but any will do edit: I just read the post about discord, mumble it is then! 😄
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    Hello everyone, thanks for the invite to the organization! My username is FewUnOrthodox, but my real name is Johnny. I'm a 18 year old college student that very much enjoying any time of realistic action game. While I probably won't be the best at it, I love any sort of combat! I'll be (attempting to) shoot down any pirate I see! Looking forward to my time here at SoW and flying alongside all of you! Happy Holidays!
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    Hi! I am Yoann, I am 28 years old and I come from France! Curious born, I practice music, digital creation, gastronomy, sports and videos games !! I play videos games since the 90s! Some would prefer to watch TV, I preferred to travel the world with Link! I joined Star Citizen filled with hope, one that will revolutionize the history of video games! I joined this organization because I think that the members who compose it will agree with me, and will do everything for the game to succeed! See you soon in Star Citizen!
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    Just wanted to wish a very merry Christmas and happy holidays / whatever you celebrate to all here in SoW! Here's a SS of my festive SC attire for good measure.
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    " Breaking news on Squadron 42, 3.4 and more, in this week's update. "
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    Merry christmas @N0cturnal88 hope you have/had a great day and happy holidays yourself man! I like your screenshot as well man 😁 nice view of Crusader right there
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    Welcome, Ureroll! I just joined a couple of weeks ago myself. Great group of people here from what I can tell so far. Look forward to seeing you in the Verse!
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    Welcome to the organization Iker! Join us in mumble when you have the opportunity!
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    Salut @IkerZamarra The problem I had with TV was it was too passive. We just sit there. I liked videogames because it was entertaining AND something I could participate in.
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    Welcome, bud'! Gotta' have fun in the 'Verse, won't we?
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    Hello everyone, I just started my Star Citizen journey this week. I have watched this game for years and finally decided to give it a try. So far it is amazing and I look forward to meeting all of you. Thank you!
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    @wingusko and @N0cturnal88 welcome to the organization. Great to see both of you at the extravaganza! Look forward to more chatting in mumble and here!
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    For most of us, games are "just" a dopamine-inducing time-sink (and I say that with affection) and a chance to hangout with friends. But let's take a moment to show respect for those who use this venue to actually put food on their table. I just read this interesting article on attempts to unionize the gaming industry. I think the current conditions in this field are harsher than necessary and I feel reforms are needed but I am not sure that a union is the right way to go either. Feel free to chime in your thoughts below.
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    Hey @UnOrthodox welcome to SoW! Have you explored the 'Verse yet? If yes, what is your favourite location so far?
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    Star Citizen soundtrack before I hop in game 😂🙂
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    I don't think gaming is taken seriously enough in the States to warrant any kind of "gaming rights" outside of what is already established within normal laws. I think the nation that takes it the most serious is definitely South Korea. How do they handle it? Even me being 30 and growing up on video games and PCs, I still have a hard time taking "gaming" seriously as a career choice, and I can't say it's something I'd encourage my future kids to do. But, it is certainly growing. On the union note.... I am never a fan of unions this day and age. I think there used to be a time and place for them, but today I feel they largely do more harm than good. These are just my general opinions with honestly knowing nothing deeper than surface-level knowledge on the subject (pro-gaming industry)... I guess those are my "default" feelings toward the matter but I'd have to do a lot more research to know anything on the topic. For example, you say, "I think the current conditions in this field are harsher than necessary..." I have never looked that far into that side of things to have an opinion one way or another.
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    Here is just small tasting of my playlist with less popular songs.
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    Welcome to the org. Ive already had the pleasure of meeting you. So glad to have you with us!
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    I am in the US (central standard time). I will have to check that out. Thank you.
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    Hey, nice to see you here. Where are you from? If you have any questions regarding the controls or just anything in the game just come to the mumble server and ask me. I am at mumble almost all the time.
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    Hey! I am also new here and you could see me at the event you mentioned. It was great time exploring the forest of Hurston with you and others. I was kinda wondering if you have any pieces of advice for me about shooting. I bought airgun Perun 734 (made in Slovakia) not a long time ago. It's not like real gun. You don't even have to own arms licence for such weapon but it's for sport shooting or for recreation. I have some practice targets. I am shooting at 15 meters distance for now. After some time I want to shoot at 30 meters. The thing is I know nothing about shooting so if you could give me just some basic points I would be more than happy. 😄 I have like 50% chance to hit dark area on the target (14cm x 14cm). These are my best targets at 15 meters so far. Thanks. 😄