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  1. Star Citizen Crucial INFORMATION

    Right now I am just looking at the starter packages that come with either the Aurora MR or the Mustang Alpha.
  2. Star Citizen Crucial INFORMATION

    So I am looking at jumping into Star Citizen, which starter ship do you recommend?
  3. Minecraft - Realms - SoW

    Glad to hear you're still around. If you want to come back to STO we are still here.
  4. S.O.W. is a proud fleet with a history that goes back to STOs launch day. We need now to rebuild and reclaim our place as one of the premier fleets. I will be working in tandem with fleet leadership to bring back regular fleet events as well as social events. I encourage everyone to help build up our starbase and begin to use it as your primary hub. To help with rebuilding I am opening up the floor for comments, questions, or complaints.
  5. Season 6 Fleet Starbases

    Sounds good, can't wait for Starbases.
  6. I have noticed of late the amount of SOW members playing STO has dropped off dramatically. It has been a long while since I saw any Fleet Leadership online. Now that Fleet Starbases are being introduced to the game will our leadership be back in game so that we will be able to build a starbase. If not could we promote those of us that are still in game to leadership? I like being in SOW and do not want to have to change fleets when starbases are introduced.
  7. mah new painting

    Nice! I really like how it is fluid but has a lot of sharp geometric shapes in it. What was the inspiration for it?
  8. New set items

    I am maxed on crafting and would be happy to craft anything that anyone needs. All I ask is that you provide the materials. I check my STO mail once a day so just send me a msg.
  9. I bought it and it's just what I wanted, a small cruiser that can take and give beatings. I also like the iconic red striping on it.
  10. Anyone else like the new uniform given at 200 days?
  11. Sharing pics

    Even though I took this shot almost 6 months ago, it is still one of my favorites. It reminds me of the original Star Trek.
  12. A Ship Called "Wanda"?

    U.S.S. Kidd, it was the destroyer that my late grandfather served on during the Korean War. Interesting trivia about the Kidd: It was named after RADM Isaac C. Kidd, Sr., the captain of the late USS Arizona, after the attack on Pearl Harbor the only remains of RADM Kidd was his academy ring, fused to a pole. It is the only ship in the US fleet able to fly the "Jolly Roger" (Skull and Crossed sabers) because RADM Kidd who had the nickname Captain Kidd in reference to Captain William Kidd, a pirate.