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TunnelBear VPN -- speed tests

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So I decided to run a speed comparison on TunnelBear. For security and convenience, it's great if you are trying to look at websites that are blocked in your country. But there is a bottle neck.


Here is my speed before turning it on:



I then set it to auto (it defaulted to a VPN in the US). Here is the speed after:



As you can see, it doubles my latency, An I lose almost 90% of my speed on the download, and lost 40% of my upload.


So, if you want the service, just be aware that you'll lose some speed, and have a greater latency.


But if you want to try it for free with a 10% discount if you decide to upgrade: http://tunnelbear.com/LTT (yeah, it's not my link, yet).


If you are going to use it to hide your identity on the webs, it's quite adequate.




(PS: this is not a paid review...just sharing the information)



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I'm a little confused by the logo though.

I think we can all agree the military planes are The Man, but what do the buildings represent?

And is the bear protecting or destroying the buildings?

The logo that wont post nice

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LOL. Tunnel Bear is a paid VPN service, to hide your computer from spying eyes. It works for general browsing, and maybe even for games, if you can stand the latency.

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