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    Hello My name is Raphael but people also call me HD i am 18 years old and i am from Austria. I am very new Star Citizen and i have never been in a dog fight but i am a filled with determination. I am a Chemestry student so you will not see me on Mondys and hardly on Tuesdays because lab is tough and i am exhausted afterwards. I hope i can fit in with you guys and girls and have some fun. who ever finds a spelling mistake can keep it.
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    I joined SoW so long ago that Myspace was a thing still... no really, the info for my myspace account for contact info is still there. We were in WoW still and I had just left my old guild because they didn't let people keep vendor trash since 'it was for the tanks repairs'. The main condition was I get to keep my vendor trash. It turns out SoW was a good fit because I was a farmer, I farmed and kept everything, I rarely sold stuff on the Auction House. Sooooo my banks would get full and what better place to give stuff away than to people you know, and so the great Netherweave Fiasco was born, using my ultra super powers(too much free time)... it could continue but just ask Astrus about it if you're curious. So far I've transferred with the guild to the other games we've called home and its worked out phenomenally. If anyone you know is looking for a good group of friends and a well structured community send them this way, you and they won't go wrong. I love this guild because we're farmers who are always looking to have excitement brought to our doorstep. That gives us reasons for further fun like Call to Arms. Nothing is better than to be derping along to get attacked and then slaughter the attacker, their friends, their guildies, and anyone else unlucky enough to get in the way accross game continents or galaxies to prove the point of just leaving us alone.
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    Hi, My name is Andrew and I am from Slovakia (EU) I joined SoW just a few weeks ago and to me, the people in here are have been just wonderful so far. I do work at a company that deals with CCTV, Security systems and Smart home applications, so my work schedule can get pretty uneven sometimes, but try to balance my time between work, family life and personal time as well as I am able to. I am fairly new to the game, but within these few weeks my performance in the game has improved noticeably with no small thanks to the people willing to give advice on mumble or help out a bit in-game, as well as thanks to the overall atmosphere within the ORG. If any new members ever read this, don't be shy and come join us on the comms - you wont regret it ;) Overall, I give this ORG my personal stamp of approval
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    https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-11-series-launching-around-july-gddr6-mass-production-timeline-confirms/ The new 11 series graphics cards are going to be up to 50% more powerful!!!
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    This week on Around the Verse, Jared returns with more Ship Shape than you can shake a xiphopod at. Get inside looks at the bigger, better Avenger, the ultra-classy 600i, and a brand new ship from Origin Jumpworks.
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    This week, Around the Verse takes us to our studios in the UK for a full report highlighting their recent work on everything from Squadron 42 to the PU, and even Arena Commander. We also get a look at recent improvements to mobiGlas apps and UI.
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    This week, Sean Tracy and Eric Kieron Davis host our latest Squadron 42 special, where we get a detailed project update and a look into the intricacies of Ship AI.
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    Guten tag HD. It was nice meeting you. Welcome to SoW:)
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    TobyMac's recent few albums, Third Day (final tour this year ). Here are a couple encouraging ones that I like whenever they come on the radio recently: And I've definitely been bumping this in the car.
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    I couldn't find the original... so i guess you'll get some epic "For Honor" video clips along with the music. It has a lot of inside jokes but i think you guys get the idea XD
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    Disclaimer: Astrus and Kakon might not enjoy 'Legion' by Hammerfall, its a song about Legion the hell daemon. Sonata Artica, Dragonforce, Hammerfall, Freedom Call, Flogging Molly, Alestorm, Sabaton, Dropkick Murphys, are all good bands that have great discographies. However, Turisas and Heidvolk can get tedious in how their songs all sound so I'd weed through and get those track by track if you're so inclined to be a patron to these artists. Otherwise this is the current favorite play list from my phone:
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    This is kinda catchy too. And completely fascinating to me to watch.