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  1. Another Cleric Build! The Chloro Cleric Offhealer! Tank Support Group Support Benefits: Low End DPS Capability [350-450 DPS Single Target] *Could probably reach higher, but thats all I managed in my tank gear =p. Havent tested with Multi-Target yet. Group Healing [Doctrine of Loyalty / Reparation] Single Target Healing [Righteous Mandate / Reprieve (Tank Build)] Healing Breath 90% Threat Reduction! [Divine Pardon] Mana Regen [Aggressive Renewal / Sigil of Power (Group Build)] Purge [You think this isn't important. Your wrong.] Negatives: Burns through Mana fast. Very fast if your not careful. If utilized correctly, no one will ask for Chloro offheals ever again. I will post a few Macros for rotation later.
  2. A Macro that is very useful for my Offheal Spec. Use this for emergency heal situations. cast Divine Call cast Touch the Light cast Healing Communion 3 clicks of this = 2 Big Instant Cast AoE Heals. Then go back to spamming Doctrine of Loyalty.
  3. Here is the Build!! This spec was created while I was bored listening to Astrus raid CC T2.... Used this spec to heal IT T1 with a Chloro main healer. Also dueled a DPS Warrior and won....easily......EASILY.... Perks: 1. Massive AoE 2. Buffs (Endurance [Noble Blessing], Dexterity, Strength, and Wisdom [Courage of the Bear/Jaguar/Eagle]) 3. AoE Cleanse 4. 5% Damage Reduction on AoE Heals (Protect the Flock) 4. 10 Second Damage Reduction - 40% (Healer's Covenant) 5. COMBAT Rez (Life's Return) 6. Mana Efficiency (Ageless Ice, Purpose) You can use the macros created by Astrus for this build. Just remove pet attack for the first one, and sub Fervent Strike with Strike of Justice for the second. This build would work very well in tandem with Astrus Offheal Spec as well.