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  1. TOR Space Combat = Dumb.

    Yeah it's a rail shooter, but BioWare said from the beginning that they was to make the game as cinematic as possible. The sandbox style that we love about SWG just is not the style that BioWare is trying to capture. They want players to feel like they are part of deciding the outcome of a movie. This concept is amazing on its own, but doesn't have the same look or feel as SWG. However... that being said... if it doesn't release before PAX Prime this year, I will be playing it while I'm there. I know some think this is just gonna be an expensive flop, but I disagree. I think it's got enormous potential for an exceedingly hungry veteran SWG player base that moved on after the NGE. :)
  2. Welcome: Introduce Yourself!

    My name is Ken, I am 29 and own a small media company which is more of a project than anything. Venom Games Online I was in the United States Marines for a total of 8 years. During 4 of those years I was Active Duty and did number of live operations and joint training operations. I've been to Japan, Australia Thailand and Korea and a couple undisclosed hot zones. My job as a Combat Engineer has is in high demand in the military and has lead to a ton of exciting opportunities. As a demolitions expert, I have been attached to various special forces units such as Seal Team 5, and Australian Royal Air Force Special forces. During my time in the military I was injured and have since been struggling to adapt to civilian life. Now, I am a college graduate with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Recently, I have taken a proactive role in investing. I hope to grow this knowledge and my bank roll. In game I am known as ThE MaD HaTTeR, Dars, Darsen, Darsun, Darsin, Darsyn, Darson, Condre, Oxigen and to some... "that mother fxxxer" although this is my overall title from opposing faction players... usually ones i've camped. Some of my in game achievements include forming and managing a top 5 guild in World of Warcraft in terms of PvE and PvE. We were one of the first guilds in the game to clear and control a Horde capital city. <V E N O M> was the name of the guild. I've seen all content available in the game from launch through Wrath of the Lich King. I didn't care for Cataclysm, so I left. I started my MMO experiences in Ultima Online and Everquest. During Everquest I was a GM for over a year. I was part of the Guide program, and later, part of the Everquest II GM team. I moved then to SWG Star Wars Galaxies and fell in love. I'd still be playing that game happily if it weren't for the NGE. The combat upgrade was ok to deal with, but the NGE forced me to leave. From SWG I wen to WoW where I met up and became PvP buddies with Astrus, who I later formed a friendship with outside of the battle grounds. Once I left WoW, I made a character on the Seastone server in Rift. I had my character to level 25 and was ina battle ground when I saw a player with a familiar guild tag. I noticed the server and transfered immediately. Astrus happened to be on to give me an invite and I haven't looked back since. I love gaming with friends, and I look forward to building not only a cohesive relationship but also a true friendship with this entire community. I bring LOTS of experince, LOTS of leadership (in a non-dickhead way & and sometimes a dickhead way... when its warranted), and I love to theorycraft and work the in-game economy to the benefit of myself and the guild. I look forward to showing my loyalty and devotion and to displaying initiative, leadership, and dedication, and to helping the guild progress as a community of like-minded gamers. Cheers! -Darsen aka: Condre (Khan-dray)
  3. KILL ON SITE (The DMFD List)

    Unchaste - Rogue I think several people will agree to this.
  4. The "I dinged 50!" thread.

    Ding 50. A week late. 6 days played.
  5. PvP Strats for War Fronts

    Hello everyone! After a few weeks of tweaking and rebuilding strategies for the Black Garden, I've finally found a consistent winner. Keep in mind, over the coming months these strategies will evolve into a finely tuned machine. If you'd like to make a recommendation or alteration to these strats, feel free to post a response. I am completely open to tearing down these strats in order to make them elite. They need to be easily execute, and even easier to understand. In my experience, I have lead countless PvP incursions and have had 30 and O win/loss ratios in other MMO's under similar circumstances. I have no doubt that we will dominate all of PvP on Spitescar, both world PvP and War Fronts. Below are the strats that I've formulated for your review. Feel free to copy and paste it into a macro of your own, in-game... Black Garden /raid <SancTuary of Wanderhome> strat! Everyone occupy the center. Grab fang when it spawns. FC stay middle. Range stack on the FC and melee block the Defiant. All heals on FC. Explanation and Theory: The idea behind this strat, and the goal that I am trying to achieve by employing this strat is essentially training pugs to be bold and not afraid to die in a War Front (WF). The theory of this strat is a bit different than one would normally encounter. This strat calls upon teamwork to shroud the Fang Carrier (FC). By having players stack on the FC, it makes it difficult to target the FC. Granted, a potential weakness is that we are susceptible to Area of Effect (AoE) damage. However, we are also susceptible to AoE healing, which has a higher through put than AoE damage on any class. Lower level or lesser geared healers can sustain a higher level of Healing Per Second (HPS) over a moderately geared player causing (AoE) damage. The purpose for occupying the center is simple, the team gains more points faster than running fang around without purpose. The FC should strive to stay out of Line of Sight (LoS) of all ranged Defiant players. All healers should concentrate on keeping the FC alive through the considerable damage that the FC will be taking from Defiant spells and abilities as well as the damage dealt by the Fang (hot potato). Melee players block Defiant from performing aggressive damage on the FC. Ranged stack on the FC at all times in order to attempt to draw fire away from the FC. Anyone with a knock-back ability should employ it as often as possible, preferably when targeted player is channeling, casting or encroaching on the allied Guardian FC. The Codex /raid <SancTuary of Wanderhome> strat! (G1) - Codex >> Scope (G2) - Codex >> Scope - (G3) - Vault >> Scope 1 Person Stays At Each Flag! Call Out Incoming (G3) respond to incoming. Fight on flags. Push their spawn and hold them. Explanation and Theory: This is a tried and true strategy adopted from World of Warcraft (WoW), and is highly effective. The premise is to essentially consolidate forces to overwhelm the enemy on all fronts. Defiant armies tend to either split up or mass in a singular area with a few strays out and about. By executing this strategy properly, a PvP leader can easily dominate a battle field and recover enemy held positions. This strategy employs a Flank. By sending part of your forces to another area, a WF leader can mount a strong offensive on the Codex, which is typically the front line. The (G3) will cap Vault and Scope and reinforce the Codex causing a complete morale failure for Defiant players. We then push their spawn and back cap any flags with the roving group (G3). By this point, the battle has created a choke point at the enemy spawn. The enemy is easily farmable from this point on. This is all I have for now. Bear with me as I mend and adjust these strats in the coming months. Feel free to post any suggestions or alternative strats. However, do me a favor and explain the rationale behind it so we can critique each others strats, in order create elite strategies. Thanks for reading! --Darsen