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  1. Thomas J Andrew@martinbrayman, another UK member, sweet :) we need more of those! awesome people. everything looks good, get in touch with a member online or in vent and they can invite you. /salute and welcome to S.o.W. thank you but I'm having real trouble finding someone who can invite me :(
  2. 1) In-game name@name? Thomas J Andrews@martinbrayman 2) What is your Race and Class? Human, Tactical 3) What are your ambitions or goals in Star Trek Online? To have fun and do lots of things. 4) Have you ever been in SancTuarY of Wanderhome in the past? If yes, when and in what game? No I havent 5) What are you most interested in; PvP, RP, or PvE? PvE and I'd like to try some RP 6) Do you like to help others, or do you like to be on your own doing your own thing? I prefer to do things with others its much more fun to that but sometimes I do like to do things on my own. 7) Have you applied to other guild(s) in Star Trek Online the last three months? If yes, what guild(s)? No I havent 8) What other guild(s) have you been a member of in the past, and what game did they play in? Was in forever angels in wow, used to be in Nexus fleet in sto 9) Where did you hear/read about us? If a SancT member referred you to this web-site, what is his/her name? I've seen your stf videos on the sto forums 10) When did you start playing STO? Started playing in closed beta 11) Are you a lifetime subscriber ("lifer") to Star Trek Online? Yes I am a lifer 12) Have you read the Guild Guidelines, and do you agree with all of them? If you do, why? Yes I agree they are all fair rules and make sense. 13) Do you have Ventrilo and a working mic? I have vent yes and a mic but I dont like talking unless I have too. 14) Is your internet good/stable enough to play without lagging out all the time? How new is your graphic card? Is your fps so low that playing STO becomes a pain for you and your computer? Do your computer ever crash? Yes my connection and pc is stable and I can play sto on high graphic settings. 15) What is your real life first name? And how old are you in real life? Martin 32 16) What country are you from? UK 17) Do you have a job and/or study in real life? If yes, what is your job, and/or what do you study? Yes, Im an it engineer 18) Do you like the NBA? If not why? Dont know what nba is 19) Tell us a little about yourself; It can be anything from real-life hobbies to in-game ones, or anything else that you would like to share. I'm no one special I've been a trekkie all my life and I like anything star trek related.