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ATV: The Banu Defender


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Yva Xorna    79

These are on sale 4/21/2017 to 5/1/2017

This ship is intended to defend other ships, such as Merchantman.

The Good:

  • Larger shield than other ships of same size
  • 2 person capable (pilot and gunner) but can also be single-person.
  • Each seat ejects independently.
  • Obviously filling the alien technology niche.

The Not So Good:

  • Weaker hull than other ships of same size.
  • It looks like a crab.
  • Pricey price tag?








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Kakon    59

Banu Defender is priced $185 default and $170 warbonds

Banu Defender has 4 Singed Tachyon Cannon on Gimbal mounts (Unclear Atm how strong they will be, should be long range weapons)

Banu's Odd shape gives it a gap that will avoid some fire like the Vanduul ships (We dont know damage states yet for where we should be targeting)

Banu Defender is 2 Meters longer then a Sabre, Weighs the same, and has a step down in size for Thrusters. Expect it to be on pair in speed with a hornet.


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