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  1. RIFT?

    Are you guys still playing currently? I am for sure, I really like this game.
  2. My Busy Weekend

    Very nice house Gnume!
  3. Warrior Builds

    So, here are the macro's that I am using. there are a few, but each puts up a buff/debuff or AoE or a pull. Tank 1 suppressmacrofailures cast retaliation cast aggressive block cast disarming counterblow cast pacifying strike Tank 2 suppressmacrofailures cast retaliation cast agressive block cast disarming counterblow cast leader's mark Tank 3 suppressmacrofailures cast retaliation cast agressive block cast disarming counterblow cast empowering strike These I bind to keys 1-3. each puts up a different buff, while letting you use counter block whenever it pops up. I ust spam away with these on single targets. Reaver DoT's cast plague bringer cast grim lure cast soul sickness cast blood fever cast necrotic wounds This is my 4 key, which I pull with. Plague Bringer makes all the rest of these strikes hit 5 targets. Grim Lure forces the target to attack you for 3 seconds. Soul Sickness heals you. The others are just DoT's Tank Ranged suppressmacrofailures cast light's decree cast shield throw cast light's hammer cast nectotic wounds Shift1 is my Shield Charge, to fly into a group. It generates threat, but sometimes a groupie who is quick on the draw will pull it off you. Better put up Plague Bringer first, so you can cast your Reaver DoT's ASAP. This is my Shift2 key. These all have a 20 meter range, so you can pull aggro to you. Light's Decree should be first, because it causes attacks to hit 5 enemies instead of 1. Makes all strikes an AoE for 12 seconds. Now for AoE attacks. suppressmacrofailures cast concussion cast retaliation cast disarming counterblow cast paladin's reprisal cast light's decree cast sweeping strike cast vicious cleave cast judgement This is my Shift3 key. Two of these are AoE taunts, and 2 are "hits * number of attackers." The reason I put the same strike in so many of different macro's, is because the randomly pop up when you block, which is a chance happening in itself. You never know when you will get it. I am always spamming whichever attack I need to at the time, to you will get a 1-2 hit when they pop up. As a tank, you could pretty much run the entire instance whithout slowing down, as long as your healer can keep up. Otherwise, I put Light's Hammer on another button to stun when I need it. The only thing this build really is missing is a interrupt, but the stun sometimes works for that.
  4. So, I've seen there are hardly any warriors in our guild, and wanted to try and fill this gap. I've been playing around with some warrior builds, and I'll post them here as I sort out the fine points. http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0chAE.EbM0ociczMz.Vuqp.xVu Here is my tanking build. Basically, I tried to generate as much threat as possible, so aggro is allways on me. So far, it's working. I've had others start a pull before me (not my call) and I have no issues pulling aggro right off them. So basically, Paladin gives you some ranged strikes, lots of armor buffs and block increase, which dramatically reduces the damage you take. Reaver gives you more damage reduction and AoE DoT abilities which all will generate threat. It's important to have these going to keep threat on you. They also spread to other enemies, so its pretty easy to grab aggro no matter what is going on. Warlord gives you bonuses in armor, block, and aggro. It also gives you a cool ability to pull someont to you, which is nice when there are several casters in a pull that are too far apart for aoe. I am working on macro's for this build, I'm having some issues with all strikes not being cast. I will post those soon.
  5. Witchweave and Ironhide?

    Ironhide is a random drop from butchering BIG animals, the best I can figure. I haven't yet seen any pattern to it dropping, but I think they have to be at least level 45. I have seen it drop in shimmersand and stillmoor, so take your best guess. PLEASE correct me if im wrong, id like to know the correct answer myself.
  6. Cholro\Archon Healing

    Thank you very much for posting this, the explanations were very clear on what each part of this build do. I know i'm not the best with these kind of descriptions. I wanted to add a few things. 1. The importance of the archon self buffs. The group buffs first take away part of your abilities, so your dps will fall off without them. They are fairly easy to keep up if you throw them out when incoming damage is falling off (the end of a pull, or the start of one if you know your tank isn't going to take a lot of damage right away) Toss a ruin right after casting a self buff to top everyone off. 2. The reason for stormcaller in this build. Once in a while, (I've never done this )you will pull aggro off the tank. The 0 point ability you get with stormcaller is a throw ability, so you can quit taking damage for a little bit and put the npc back in the tanks aggro range with a little aiming. 3. The reduced cast time you get with archon added to chloro. Chloromancer's heals are based off of you doing damage, which means you have to have something hitting your target. Reduced cast time means more spells, faster rate, however you want to put it. 4. Natures Touch bonus. When someone in your group has Synthesis on them, NT will heal an additional 100% of the spells damage to whoever in the group needs it. I'll quite often see the tank get 3 - 4000 heals, plus everyone else typically will get topped off, if not close to it. Right after that is quite often a good time to cast one of your self buffs, group buffs, or give someone manna. 5. I can see both sides to the Essence Surge argument. It will heal for a LOT in one shot (I've seen 7000 with it), but it would only be beneficial if it will (o *crap*!) keep your tank alive to keep you alive....... If you are getting that far behind on your heals, you aren't putting out enough DPS, or your rotations with archon are screwing you up. Plan to never use it for an easier win. ggg and I tested out the difference in healing with a reduced cast time. One of us did sacrifice life for manna, and the other one of us just cast VS. I think hps went from 130 - 150, so there is a difference. Of course, casting buffs will drop that also, but I think the group buffs are worth the raised difficulty of keeping everything topped.
  7. look up "Albedina" ingame, i can make the hood for you :)
  8. Stormcaller Mage Build

    ok, i re-did my build, missed dark power and the warlock armor self buffs. 3x the difference in DPS! Thank you!
  9. Stormcaller Mage Build

    my build is pretty much the same, only i put 8 points into the elementalist calling, for the lightning strike power and crit. im getting about 1200-1800 hp off that one when i add it into the rotation. it does have a longer cast time, will that decrease my dps?
  10. 2 Month Plan for S.o.W.

    Also, YOURE ON A PVP SERVER so expect to die 20-30 times before you reach max level from PVPing..so dont take it personally, just keep marching on and write the persons name and guild down for later use Got to remember this, its just kinda frustrating getting killed by guys more than 10 levels higher than you over and over
  11. KILL ON SITE (The DMFD List)

    Catal - Rogue Bait and Switch He was camping me on the respawn point. wouldn't leave even when i told him to get lost.
  12. pvp battles

    Thanks for the support, Behemoth. Well, I have just been running instances instead and getting better at those. That way everyone has to work together or everyone fails. I'll be up to 50 soon I hope!
  13. Just wanted to brag a bit. I was running kings breach as a level 34 chloromancer, and hit the aggro for 3100 health in one shot! so I linked the build i had at that level. http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0zRvq.VdIuoVckkR.o.Vx
  14. pvp battles

    ok, so i seem to be having a lot of trouble with pvp. i can't seem to win hardly any matches. it seems like the other players just want to run around, so should i just wait till i get to level 50 to do them with you guys, or does anyone have tips on getting the job done. i am a chloromancer, because i have gotten pretty good at healing. is this the wrong class to try warfronts? getting frustrated with wf (Albedina)
  15. SoW Raid to Meridian

    wow. nice work guys!