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    Here is a link to the Q&A Great stuff. One of the more noteworthy points is there is an official differentiation between what ships like the Terrapin do as a "scanning" ship and what ships like the Mercury and Herald do. Also, "An example of legal data collection in PvE would be a mission along the lines of scanning a certain location for information, such as asteroid composition/density. Alternatively, you may recieve a mission to find specific player owned ships & their locations, which will need to be reported back the mission giver. Illegal data collection would be something more along the lines of intercepting sensitive information between two ships for PvE or intercepting and beating another player to delivery on an existing data running mission. " - CIG Thats cool.
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    @staho epoch !!!!!!!!
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    AI has scared me since 2001 when I first got wind of it. The idea of an intelligent machine that could become conscious is something I've thought about far too much.
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    Toon: Quote RL Name: Ryan Country: Texas, USA Age: 20 Occupation: Custodian/ Student Married: No Kids: No Hobbies: Computer repair/ Programming Favorite Food: Phở Favorite Drink: Dr.Pepper
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    Settlers of Catan and Pandemic, two of the games we were playing a lot on TableTop are apparently quite popular and are going to be available on Nintendo's Switch. I don't have Switch. Do you? I'm not sure if these type of games will transfer over well. I just thought it was funny that of course the games we were playing have been leading edge 😜!!