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    Just popping to maybe help you guys while considering applying for membership. I joined SoW just about 3 months ago, not really sure of what to expect... For the first month or so, I was pretty active with the org, chatting with the members on voice comms, getting to know the people behind the avatars. It was fun, people are friendly and patient with non-native english speakers (Im from Slovakia). I was also training in the PU and AC daily, and with some recommendations and/or guidance I have seen considerable improvements in my performance, so all good on that front. About month and a half in, things changed drastically in my workplace. I had to take up on new responsibilities, learn a ton of new stuff, so I put Star Citizen on a backburner for a time. Of course, I kinda forgot about the org for a while, didn't check in or appear on the comms. A few weeks back, It occured to me that it might be a good idea to have a peek on the org website. I was actually expecting to have been kicked out for inactivity - like I am used to in these kinds of situations. Instead, I have found a PM from the guy that recruited me, politely asking what was going on, and If I am all right, actually showing genuine concern. During a short chat, I explained the work situation, and they assured me that everything was OK, and told me that I shouldn't worry. Since then I have been trying to at least show up from time to time, or give a shout out when I come from work whenever I can. Now I am not about to say that this is something special or even totatlly uncommon (it was a first time for me tho, especially in a HardCore org), but I just wanted to let you guys know, that SoW is THAT kind of organization. The social aspect is as important as in game performance and skill here, and I really hope that you guys can experience this awesome environment yourselves. Regards and fly safe, see you in the verse o7
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    My Stella (Dark french bulldog) and Her first litter of pups
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    Hello All, I'm Drakus or well RSI of lDrakusl (Drakus was taken). I'm located in Australia the land down under (GMT +10/11). Land of nopes and drop bears! I've recently joined Star Citizen and was invited. Figured I may as well join a community which could assist me as I begun my baby steps into this space simulator. Anyway I've been playing galaxy on fire since a child (one of the first space games I've embarked on) which allowed me to love this genre so eventually I landed on this game. I'm currently loving my avenger titan as i'm getting to know it well as I begin to advance in the game. However i do play other games. Currently the game I often return to from time to time is guild wars 2. And thats about it! I hope to learn from your experience in Star Citizen as a guild I mean organisation and I hope one day I can help out the Org too :D.
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    Im glad they all sold in 2months after birth as one of the white bodied ones i dubbed batgirl cause she had a black mask over her eyes was starting to follow me a lot. Yeah im a sucker for pretty girls :P On a personal note im a child still as the entire time the srs dog people kept saying bitch this and that I couldnt stop giggling wife hasnt let it go...should of seen when we went sailing with seamen OH MAN.
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    We appreciate having you here with us@PLZAX! Thank you for this awesome post, it means a lot to us getting feedback like this from our members o7
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    Welcome! So what series of Star Trek do you like the most? Have you watched much of the new one?
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    Heey all, I'm 22 years old, I come from the Netherlands, and I just joined today. I got a message through robertsspaceindustries in my email and joined... Just to see what it is all about! I'm new to Star Citizen and I'd like to find some people to play along with, cruise through space and make loads of fun! ~ Sytema
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    That is quite an interesting article to read through, and I wonder how far you could bring bees to understand concepts. And if they can remember faces like in the article, you could make a bee database as well!
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    Hello! i was curious who does the music for your videos i am making a video of ""God of war PS4" in Screenshots. eg i did Horzion zero dawn in Screenshots. Not proud of that one dont think the music suits but it was what i was listening too at the time. I can be found stalking on mumble or jubez@iinet.net.au cheers Jubez
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    hi extona, welcome bud im a new old guy :)
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    @Shawkorrr I don't know anybody that has ever tried this. it sounds interesting but yeah I have my doubts. I noticed staying at hotels the internet is always wretched.
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    I have heard about it a few, the lag should be good enough at some services to play games but I dont think a delay will ever go away due to the distance your signal has to go from A > B unless you have a server near you. The best scenario 5-10ms, worst scenario 30-50ms or higher. But spec wise, I mean they got pretty good stuff but, what would be the price for enough cores, ram and a videocard, and after that you have to hope THEY have the game installed at their services.
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    Welcome Extona, I just joined a few days ago, and I'm also from The Netherlands!
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    Hi there, My name is Donny, age 20, also known as Extona as my online handle in current communities I participate in. I only very recently started playing Star Citizen and was invited to this community by Kakon (To my surprise because, I never expected to be invited to an organization in the first few days I started). So, today I decided to check up on it, accepted the invite once I noticed it, and decided to join once I had the time. My main languages are English and Dutch, I can fly quite okay for a new player, and I am looking forward to see how the community and progress unfolds in the future. (Also I am a fan of Star Trek :v)
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    Hello Im from Switzerland, and i dont have any Clue about the Game......... And i Speak Really Good Bad Englisch<3 I have 2 Questions.....its there Any Famliie Invite? And Whats your Conditions? If You have any Future Question Just Ask me...... Rip NostaleXD MFG Para
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    Toon: FullyLP RL Name: Sebastian Country: Austria Age: 26 Occupation: N/A Married: No Kids: No Favorite Class: Range- Classes Favorite Profession: Mining Hobbies: Let´s Plays, Gaming and Guitars Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Drink: Planters Punch