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    Just if you wonder what norwegians dig up.
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    I knew you would find this....
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    lol an ancient Škoda burying ground?
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    Also, I'm excited for Terrapin turtle time
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    https://www.sanctuaryofwanderhome.com/forums/index.php?/forum/51-star-citizen-helpdesk/ We actually have a "help desk" area where you can ask questions and pick the the best answers that helped you. If you do not have access talk to Shawkorrr
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    Welcome to the org!
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    Hello! I have been following star citizen and playing star citizen and contributing to the testing phase where I can. I have been invited through email to join this organisation and I very excited to be involved in a community such as this! I have only watched some introductory videos and these have me very excited to be here.
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    Awesome please do let us know if you have any questions and so forth :D
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    S.o.W. Summit 2060 ....on MARS????
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    Cool! Just got myself a new wallpaper!
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    Well everyone here it is, the professional photos from VerseCon 2017 in Austin, TX where myself and Epsilon_Elemental placed 2nd and 1st in their first ever live arena commander tournament. Enjojy!